Sunday, December 12, 2010

A whole Lotter fun !

Also, I saw an otter today swimming in Lake Sammamish

Sweet !

this totally makes me want to dye my hair dark

Maybe it's the being in winter up here in seattle, but anyway, I know I wasn't really happy being brunette, I remember how awesome it felt when I went back to being blonde again,

Anyways just thought I'd share :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

the land of much deliciousness, in the city of prettiness

Man, i have got to get wayyyyy better at posting.. this is probably going to become a life blog for a little while, it jus seems to be goin that i was super at packing, so b4 i go shopping it's just going to look like the same pieces mixed in many many ways !

So I left all my friends on Monday night for a month. Heartbroken is not the word, so sad, i have so many awesome peope around me I feel very blessed.. then I've spent something ridiculous like 20 hours in planes.. had 5 hour stopovers along the way.. and bang! Here I am, finally, in Seattle..

Seattle is seriously pretty. Seattle's like the pretty girl in class who is seriously awesome but doesn't really talk much and so people don't really know much about her. At the moment it's well and truly winter, so the pines are dotted amongst deciduous trees which have all lost their leaves, it looks.. well it looks exactly how you imagine america in winter, like something from a movie or postcard. My dad's house is on a lake here, so every monring I get to wake up to this

that's been pretty neat.. a few weeks back there was a little family of otters sliding around on their tummies on the dock, it was the cutest picture, i'll ask if i can post it for u all :)

Also, I took a photo of peppermint bark for Sam from to have a look at, i hope i described it well!
I have been eating so much here it's ridiculous, they have such different food, yesterday i had a maple syrup donut.. so amazing it didnt even get enough time in the world for me to take a photo, there's pop tarts for $2.49, which jst seems ridiculous cos in Australia we pay like 8 dollars or more, might even be 10 i cant recall.. oh and AUSSIE WINE - is actually cheaper here, and yellow tail has wayy bigger range, work that out. Going to Costco tomorrow, it could get crazy, im jst excitd about costco pizza slices, they were so yum last time!
Shopping here is crazy too, i was flipping thru a big 5 catalogue ( like our Jim Kidd for sports store) and nike's are normally $60. This trip is going to pay for itself in no time.

Another discovery of deliciousness, Passionfruit Malibu. OH . My. GOSH. Sam i hope u read this, ALL of my duty free allowance is going on this stuff, it is so delicious! screw Alize! yep yep yep, that's just how awesome it is =D

The day before I left I did a shoot for the amazing, amazingly talented Olivia from Olive farm.. totally worth looking her up on etsy, her stuff is sooo pretty
Anyway, here's one of the photos from the shoot

also needing a huge mention is Mashita from Meisha make up artistry, she was sooo gorgeous and did such an AmaZing job! her page is!/meisha.makeupartistry

Just quickly
this was the night i left so the picture quality was shot to high hell, oops! anyway, you'll see more soon :)

so im ridiculously tired! and it's something like 2 maybe 3 am here .. damn !
hope you're all eating lots of yummy foods, doing lots of amazing things and feeling fantastic, wherever u are in the world !