Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Night Stay Ins

Saturday night, most people my age are probably out having an awesome time somewhere having fun.. I'm in at uni. Awesome. Lily is taking the term geek to the next level! Anyway, I thought I may as well do something fun and post these outfits for you guys! I really want to get a close up for you of the necklace in the first shot, it's such an old looking thing, which would you believe I bought from Sportsgirl :D
not so sure about the black cardi combo, what do you think ?

Hope you're having a great time, wherever you are in the world
All my love <3 Lily

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What an unmiserable day !

The uni library - my current home at the moment - to answer your q Kim, I go to Curtin, it's grown a heap in the last 5 years, so probably looks very different than from what you might remember it as - I'll post more pretty photos of the gorgeous autumn trees for you soon.

Hey there darling readers, hope you're all feeling great, wherever you are in the world :D

So It rained pretty much all day today. Why is it that on days like today people always say things like " what a miserable day" ?

Maybe I'm completely strange ( okay, you guys already know this about me), but I love weather like this, perfect- snuggling-under-the-warm-blankets weather. Hot chocolate, slow cooked meals, laying on the couches with a doona watching complete dvd sets of tv series kind of weather. I used to loathe winter with a passion, but I'm discovering that there are a lot of things that I enjoy about winter that you can't have in summer in the same way.. hot cups of milky tea aren't the same when it's 40 degree days, nor are tights and berets and layering doesn't quite work the same..maybe we can be friends after all : D

Realised I would be freezing today, but I still haven't drycleaned my cream wool trench coat, so I had to walk round uni looking slightly homeless today (shame!) I'm hoping that because I've been there so much lately that I just sort of blended in, just became invisible, part of the scenery! The second photo is one I haven't posted from a few days ago, the first photo is what I actually wore today :)

anyway, my eyes are barely able to stay open at the moment, so I'm off to schleep, talk to you all again soon!

All my Love <3 Lily

Friday, May 21, 2010

End of semester hibernation period

Hey darling people, hope you're all going well and not at all snowed under with work, wherever you are in the world ( Sorry Marta, I know you're in the same boat as me on that one - all the best honey!)

So it's getting to be that time of semester where all the students go into uber-study hibernation in order to catch up on all the studying that they really should have been doing a while ago. Cue - the University izone.. I don't know what it is about his place, the controlled temperature, the 7pm lighting settings, the awesomely techy computers they have here, or the super comfy lounges you can sit on with your laptop, but this place is study heaven for me. The first time I came here, I worked for 4 hours straight without even realising. For me - that was groundbreaking stuff. And true to it's name, every time I come here, I get in the zone.. last year I spent so much time here that I made a friend who actually believed that I didn't exist outside the library. Not even kidding... it was truly one of the most embarassing moments of my life when I bumped into him outside and called out - "hey --- look - I'm outside, I'm in the sunlight! " and everyone around us just stared at me like I was some strange agoraphobe. Please world - swallow me now.

See - who could resist bringing their lappies in to work on when there's this much comfyness to be had!

i'll outfit post when I get home : )
All the love in the world <3 Lily

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving day

Hey beautiful readers, hope you're doing great, wherever you are in the world. Kim hope the volcano hasn't given you any more grief, if I remember right you were going back to the US soon? Marta! - I did get your msg, thanks sooooo much! It's just that time of year where everything is crazy, i soo get where you're coming from!

So I'm officially living in my new house now! Insane! The walls aren't all painted yet, but with uni the way it is, that'll have to wait :D Noone had told me how displaced I would feel when I finally did the big shift, it's such a bizarre feeling, I'm in this nice new bigger house, but it doesn't quite feel like mine, and my now empty old house doesn't feel like home either, so it's a big state of transition. I'd lived my whole life in my old suburb too, so to be away from it is feeling a bit intimidating to be honest. It's still quite exciting though, all these new places to explore, and all these nice new places to walk my wuppy !

Before this blog, I don't think I appreciated just how blessed we are in Perth with our weather. Maybe it's just been especially wonderful this year. Today we were blessed with yet another Perthect day - Yep I called it, let's hope it catches on. I just couldn't resist but share with you guys some scenes from around my uni. The winter sun was shining, and despite the fact that it's now 2 weeks til the end of semester, today, the weather just seemed to chill everyone out and it was so peaceful, everyone just relaxing, lying around on the grass.. <3. Even the air was filled with beauty, a man on his guitar swooning everyone into deep relaxation.

Anyway - outfit notes, and Huge thanks to me uni friend L for taking this:
White business top with princess sleeves from - Miss Shop: Myer
Navy Blue knit Vest - Valleygirl
Cornflower blue scarf- Basque: Myer
Grey and Blue tartan skirt- Miss Shop: Myer
White Patterned Tights - Forever New <3
Grey Patent Leather Flats - a steaallll ($15 AU) from Kmart
Cream Flower headband - Diva
Silver snakeskin texture tote - Target
White Cotton Trench coat - Target

Lots of love, keep those comments rolling, back soon
All my love <3 Lily

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cold Winter Nights Anyone? Yes please!

Just thought I'd share with you guys my new theatre! I can already see many a chilly winter night spent snuggling on the recliner stretched out under a fluffy doona and a hot chocolate in hand, listening to norah jones play softly, and many a girly night in spent laughing with friends over sex and the city and gossip girl. Winter - I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

So far behind with the blog posting at the moment, I've been letting myself go with being so sick, so sorry about the distinct lack of outfits! I'll have to do something about that this afternoon, because friends are coming round later, and at the moment they might mistake me for some crazy cat lady in her sleepy tee !
Thanks everyone for your comments, I always look forward to hearing from you guys, and hearing about what's happening in your part of the globe, and your opinions about stuff. Shen! 2 years that's incredible! I have no clue where I'll be in two years, can't even begin to think ! I bet it looks amazing now !
Kim my gorgeous friend, you've no idea how touched I am that you're excited to have me back!Sounds like you travel to the US a lot !

Well, I'm off to go pass out from the painkillers again.. I swear these babies are like horse tranquilisers they feel so strong !

All my love, hope you're enjoying yummy yummy food and wonderful weather, wherever you are in the world <3 Lily

Flower headband - Diva
Edwardian high collar cotton top, cream - Target
Soft Leather skirt - Dotti
Necklace with ribbon bow - Diva
Creme snakeskin Peeptoes - Rubi shoes

How funny - I took this photo in the disabled toilets in the engineering building at uni.. It made me laugh because the building is so old that they don't have any straight girls toilets, you have to use the disabled ones - I guess back when it was built they presumed that girls wouldn't study engineering !

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Publicly wearing Pyjamas

Hey readers! How are things going for you all! Hope your are all enjoying great health, wherever you are in the world :)

Being that time of the uni semester and with all the mad running around trying to organize everything with moving ( living in two houses is surprisingly difficult), my little body has gotten run down as anything.. but in my naivity, I thought I could still manage everything. So here I am, stuck laying in bed with a ma-hassive migraine, with nothing I can do but try and sleep it off. Lesson learnt. It's not all bad though, luckily for me, my lecture was cancelled this morning, and the weather has been particularly gloomy, so the idea of spending the entire day snuggled up in a soft doona doesn't seem all that terrible!

Oh so you're probably wondering about the title! This evening between houses, still in my migraine fog of too many sedatives and painkillers, I walked straight into the shops donning my complete set of pyjamas, slippers and dressing gown included..and no1, not one person, not even the lady at the register, seemed to notice, or think this at all strange! It made me think - is this just something that is completely acceptable and I just haven't known about it? is this just something that as long as the sun is down, go for it? if so.. I can see a lot more pyjama adventures in my future, at 10:30 at night when I decide that yes, I do in fact need to have that block of chocolate right now :D So anyway, let me know if you've ever gone to the shops in your pj's, or if this is something that is actually perfectly normal and I'm just the strange one

Anyway, so we're in the fun fun stage of painting the house at the moment, which is hilarious because when you first get your house, it looks deliciously clean and tidy, so much so that you wonder if you should really fill it with all your junk.. and then the painting begins, and the dropsheets are laid out.. and any cleanliness the house once had is temporarily disintegrated. wicked. I'll post some photo's tomorrow to give you an idea of the disarray!

Kim- I was sooo happy to hear from you! Yes, I'm back! did you get to read my bringing back lily post? I missed you guys all far too much :)
and NY oh em gee! gee, life must have been tough to have to stay there a bit longer -my gosh it sounds like there's so many things to see you could have a year and not see it all! must be lovely to be home though too :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

interim post

Aagh! It feels like it's been forever since I last posted, so many things have happened!

Where to begin! the weather here is still insanely beautiful, despite the fact that it's now May and we are only weeks away from Winter. I think this is why it's so hard to study at the moment :D Perth seems to know when it's the weekend and brings out the sun especially. So lots of lazy days spent with my bestie Sam, laying on the patio with pillows under pretty parasols and eating cola mentos which I've brought back from Phuket.
Also- WE HAVE KEYS! So right now I am literally living out of a washing basket, learning to get mighty creative with looks lol. So much fun, it doesn't really seem like it's actually our house yet, just a cool place to hang out with friends with all it's emptiness. No more internet at the old house, so I'm finding it very hard to post too
What an amazing mother's day, bought a new dress from Cooper St which I am super excited to wear,quite classy though so I might just have to wait for a special occasion ( or make one!) before I can wear it. It's so annoying sometimes being largely busted when everywhere else is a 6, so I can't tell you how happy I was the moment I saw it on!

anyway, off to uni.. such is life :D
hope you're life is not as crazy as mine at the moment!! sending all my love gorgeous gorgeous people, hope you're loving life, wherever you are in the world
<3 Always Lily