Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Night Stay Ins

Saturday night, most people my age are probably out having an awesome time somewhere having fun.. I'm in at uni. Awesome. Lily is taking the term geek to the next level! Anyway, I thought I may as well do something fun and post these outfits for you guys! I really want to get a close up for you of the necklace in the first shot, it's such an old looking thing, which would you believe I bought from Sportsgirl :D
not so sure about the black cardi combo, what do you think ?

Hope you're having a great time, wherever you are in the world
All my love <3 Lily


  1. You never fail to put a smile on my face when you post and remind me of Perth!! I used to love trips up in the "hills" so I do understand what its like to miss out!

    Hang in there Lily, and I hope the study goes well. What is it you are doing at Curtin?

    I love your hair in the last photo (and the belt) but I love the hat too!!

    Dont forget to post some new house photos too!! :D

  2. Oh and if you need a small University laugh... have a look at this..

  3. Nawww Kim, you're sooo adorably thoughtful.. I watched the clip and laughed so hard that the person across from me glared.. it was so worth it lol!! you seriously lifted my spirits amazingly, thank you thank you thank you!
    All My Love, <3 Lily

  4. This is adorable, love how girly you look!