Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Down South Getaway

Hello lovely readers! Hope you're all having a beautiful time, snuggling in the warm blankets if you're down this end of the planet, and enjoying the sunshine if you're on the top end of the planet :)

June is always a funny month for me, I always feel like the sun becomes an acquaintance when it's usually much more.. " Hey sun, I know we haven't seen each other in a while, I'm always inside at the moment with uni, and it seems like no sooner you're up, you're down, or you're hanging out behind the clouds"

We've been very lucky this year, the summer seemed to hold on for dear life all through the autumn.. So when I went down south this past weekend down to Margaret River it looked spectacular, all the reds and oranges on the trees, and the golden yellow leaves on the vines.

To give you a bit of background, " down south" as we Perth people call it is the southwest tip of Western Australia, which stretches from a little seaside town called Busselton, Down to Dunsborough and Eagle Bay (a bit more classy, think big holiday houses and designer threads) and then heading slightly inland towards Margaret River, a treasure trove dotted with wineries, with the most delicious food: a nuts and cereal factory which makes the most amazing muesli I have EVER tasted, a cheese factory which makes a delicious sweet chilli cheddar, a fudge factory where I always pick up a sweet jam-like raspberry licorice and Bailey's Irish cream fudge, a yoghurt factory, and Dukkah uncomparable to anything you can get back in Perth. Margaret River is one of those places that every time you go there,no metter how many times you've been, you always seem to discover a new place, a new winery, a hidden food factory down a back road, you never stop discovering. The coast then continues all the way down to Augusta, a very still and peaceful town nestled between the forest and the Southern Ocean.. when you really want to get away, Augusta is the place to do it. There are really pretty caves down that way too.

Anyway, I realllly have to get back to studying, so I'll post again soon
All my love, Lily

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