Thursday, March 17, 2011

While I was gone - February update

- Fiancée set up our hammock..this is pretty much 90% of the reason I have been neglecting my poor little blog, i spent nearly every night swaying in my fiancée's arms, feeling the amazing night breezes dance through my hair under the moonlight, with not a care in the world.

- There was a huge fire in Roleystone - 6th February - my fiancée and I jumped on the roof that night and you could see half the hill was glowing. Creepy just doesn't touch it. So thankful that there were no lives lost and that things didn't get as bad as they could have. For any of you Australian readers, Roleystone is very much like Marysville - the community worst hit in the Black Saturday fires. Literally 3 days before it happened I was up there and said to one of my close friends " I love Roleystone, the only thing that scares me a bit is that it's so much like Marysville, if they had a big fire up here, it could get really bad".

Jumped on my roof and watched the sunset countless times.
This is one of my favourite things in the world to do and I've been doing it since I was a little kid. ( yep, I was that hippy earth child that was always climbing up trees, living in a world of their own, rescuing dragonflies from our patio and from our pool. I even had a pet stick which I called "petstickandI". PetstickandI had some awesome adventures, but his favourite thing was helping me toast marshmallows. Champion. )

Not worn much makeup.
Not a huge thing for a lot of people, but as a blondie, ever since I can remember I've had pale eyelashes, which means as soon as I made the discovery of a magical thing called mascara at 14, I tried never to go a day without the stuff. Now they're tinted, and I'm a happy little munchkin who can get back to being that hippy child I always was, free and au naturel.

Swum to the point that would make people wonder if I thought I would grow gills.

Got a teeny tiny potbelly while my fiancee was away,then lost it in like 2 days of him being home. Another reason why I didn't do any outfit posts ! I blame Connoisseur Cookies and Cream completely.

Caught up with loads of people who I really should have caught up with before Christmas.

Hung out with bestie Sam, started looking for bridesmaid dresses! yayyy!

Had loads of sleepovers with friends while baby was away, which meant lots of Greys, lots of How I met your Mother and lots of Modern Family :D

Met with the Wedding Photographers! eeep! very excited to have such amazing talented and laid back guys covering our big day.

Discovered Little Caesars Pizza.
The fact that no1 had told me just how delicious the pizza from this place was leads me to think that they were afraid if everyone knew, they'd never be able to get a seat there. Caramello Sam pizza was like eating a creme caramel - Caramel, Brown Sugar, macadamias and almonds, icing sugar and custard. In. sane . I may just turn morbidly obese because this place exists. Next time - it's this - Birds of Tokyo teriyaki chicken, yay! Also loving this Birds of Tokyo song, thought I'd share :D

god super late, gtg love u all !