Monday, March 29, 2010

I Love You gateaux and Earth Hour!

Hey beautiful readers! Hope you're all well and the sun is shining, wherever you are in the world ! :D Hope you all had an awesome weekend!

Slightly stressful one today, got a call from our builder to say " Sorry, we couldn't get the carpet you'd chosen, so could you come choose something else? By the way, it's being layed on Thursday, so it needs to happen.. pretty..much.. now. This afternoon.(it was already 2pm at this stage!) Fun all round! On the positive side though, we were able to get some beautiful carpet which I ended up liking a lot more than what we had originally chosen <3 ! AND since we were particularly close, we made a quick trip into ikea and look what I discovered they make - isn't this the cutest? It was super delicious too, reminder to self : next time, grab a few!

And so the other night was Earth Hour too! Did you guys all get involved? Did you go over friend's houses for it? I love Earth Hour, we always have it at our house, my friend Sam had never heard about it, (do you own a tv Sam? xoxoxo) so even though we had just all had our own much longer version of Earth hour ( try 30 hours!) we all jumped in wholeheartedly, and under the now very familiar veil of candlelight, made up games which we played the whole night. :) This is what life is all about, enjoying the moments, eating delicious food and spending time with the ones you care about :) Happy twirl <3

Having to mix and match much more than usual with a decent amount of my clothes now boxed up, but anyhow, this is what I wore today - Light Fedora by Portmans, Havana Red Singlet top from Cotton On, white " Richie Rich" short shorts from Dotti, Necklace from Myer (Accessory Company) and Patterned Cellini bag :) The other outfit I was going for a really simple, laidback style for a casual day at uni before I hit the tav with mates - just a pink singlet from Target, the white short shorts again ( like I said - mix and matching) along with my white Portmans bag and my super comfy baby pink Roxy thongs.

The beautiful sunny days aren't making it any easier for me to get motivated for studying, is this why the tav is so full at the moment?.. ahhh Summer..
I wish you would never leave.

<3 always Lily xoxoxo

Friday, March 26, 2010

One of my favourites

I'll write some notes for this later, just thought I'd share the outfit with you all first :)

<3 Lily

Bring back Lily

So some of you guyswill remember my old blog which I regretfully shut down because people I knew found out about it, and I felt that I could no longer express myself and share things with the same level of openness as I had when the blog was just shared with other bloggers.

Now, I can tell you a bit more of the story. Someone within my outer circle of friends, and we all have them, a frenemy, found my blog. Once I knew this, though I tried not to let it get to me, it stayed in the back of my mind, and where previously I had been free, for example to take snaps of my fashion despite looking quite terrible, I now felt like I should in a way censor myself and I found it difficult to post pictures of outfits because I felt like they weren't good enough.

But when I left the Girl Who Came Gift Wrapped, I realised that for me, the blog wasn't about the outfits that I posted, and the posts that I wrote. What I missed was hearing from you guys, hearing about your own worlds, hearing your opinions and being able to share things that I love with you, like the Sculptures by the Sea and that sort of thing. I missed looking at the posts and seeing your sweet sweet comments. Why should one person's judging make all of that go away?

The stand out moment in bringing me back was my fiance when he found out I'd stopped the Girl Who Came Gift Wrapped (he loves reading my blog, funny boy). He came into our room where I was reading Pride and Prejudice to cheer myself up, gave me a huge hug and pulled my chin up to look at him, and said " Since when have you ever been a quitter?" that was all he needed to say,

Anyway, so welcome back gorgeous readers, here we go, second edition!

Hope you are having a beautiful day, wherever you are in the world!


Lightning for Marta

Just some photos of the lightning during the massive storm we had, the photos are from a facebook group called "I survived the Great Storm of Perth 22/3/2010".. a bit dramatic, but the photos are well worth checking out :)

<3 Lily

Good Game

Hey there lovely friends, hope you're all having a great time, wherever you are in the world :)
After what seemed like forever for some of us, we finally have power back on :D Which means I can finally have a long hot shower, can cook food in the oven, WASH MY CLOTHES and can do all the normal things that I really had taken for granted until now. I'm feeling very blessed right now :)

It's already nearly Easter! - can someone please tell me how this even happened? Surely I haven't been at uni for 4 weeks now.. oh.. yep, yes i have, which means I should probably be doing a lot more study than I am. Skipped honours class again today to go hang out with friends at the tav. My reasoning being that I'm making the most of this gorgeous weather, after the storm reminded me of how dark and gloomy winter can be. Don't you love it? :9

Another reason I'm feeling so blessed, went to the Body Shop to try and return my White Musk gift set I was given for Christmas.. Yes, Christmas. Tell you what, I didn't like my chances. So when the assistant smiled cheerfully and said " sure you have $38 to spend" I wasn't really expecting it. I'm usually pretty indecisive when it comes to buying things in general, but not really thinking I'd get anywhere, I didn't have a clue where to start or even what I needed. After about a full hour of soaking up the various scents of different body butters, body washes and scrubs, I was ready: Coconut Shower Cream, Pink Grapefruit Body Wash, and a to die for Japanese Cherry blossom body lotion ( still trying to hold on to summer, much ?) I could barely contain my joy, I could have skipped out of the shop and not have noticed.

Thanks to everyone who sent their love concerning the storm post, you guys are so awesome! Kim, happy to hear all your friends are okay, a lot of people's cars are write offs now, the hail damage was so bad!And Marta, sorry I missed your comment before - you're giving me an award! You are the sweetest! Are you sure? there are many majorly more talented and stylish people than me! I saw what you wrote about lightning and I actually saved some photos on my computer for you, I'll upload them on a separate post soon <3

Fashion post coming soon
All my Love,
<3 Lily

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The day that was..

This was actually 4pm in the afternoon !

Sorry this is short, but I'm just doing a quick post at uni ( because it's the only place at the moment where I have power!)
So some of you who live in Australia would have heard, but others of you around the world probably didn't. Yesterday about 3:30, Our sweet little city of Perth found itself trapped between 2 giant storm cells, and the destruction left in its wake at it's peak saw 200,000 homes without power, 180 traffic lights out across the metropolitan area, landslides, flash flooding, and the most spectacular lightning show I have ever seen (think War of the Worlds - not kidding), not to mention so much rain that just near my new house there were cars literally floating down the street! Absolutely insane to be caught up in it. At one point my fiance and I were just sitting in front of the window laughing at how ridiculous it all was. It felt as though someone was literally pouring down a huge bucket of water over our house, i couldn't believe how much water it threw down. This is a photo down the street of one of my friends, Sam ( - isn't that crazy!
Anyway, I'll finish this post off after class, but I just thought I would jump on and show you guys some of the carnage!

This photo is of the library at the University of W.A. There is a beautiful hall there with the most amazing stained windows, and I was very sad to hear they has all been smashed by the wind during the storm, which hit 128 kms an hour.

All photos courtesy of the West newspaper

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh gosh, this is an epic, sorry!

Hey there lovelies! <3 Hope you're having a great one, wherever you are in the world <3

So in a few weeks I move into my new home, and I began the gigantic task of packing today. It's funny, after years of complaining about my "character" home shall we say, I'm realising how much I've come to love my dear old house. It's home, it's where I've spent the last 5 years of my life, (and a bit before that when it was my fiancé's place and I would sneak in through his window on my morning "walks" ).It's where I've spent countless hours catching up with close friends, having sleepovers and Sunday breakfasts, sharing birthdays and Easters and Christmases together with my family. It's where my fiancé proposed in front of all our friends on my 21st birthday, and where I sat waiting next to the phone at times when he went overseas.

Anyway, to be completely honest with you guys, the last week and a half now I've not been sleeping, I mean big time. Usually I'm like a new kitten, sleeping a ridiculous amount. So you could say this whole moving thing has got to me a little :D

It's funny how quickly having this blog has changed me. Before this, I couldn't have imagined taking photos while I was looking so sleep deprived and feeling like .. well, we all know how crappy it is not to be sleeping properly ( You'd think being a uni student I'd be pro at it by now :P ) and now, here I am, putting them up on the internet! I've got to admit, it's been very liberating learning to put myself out there, despite my own self-consciousness which I'm pretty sure is in most girl's DNA. (or this could just be the sleep deprivation talking and it's just me?) You guys deserve all the credit, I've been absolutely blown away at all the gorgeous comments you guys have written about my blog and my outfits, and at the amazing people that I've already met! So keep commenting, I love hearing about how you're all going and what it's like in your part of the world :)

All my love, Lily

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Autumn mornings

Hey guys! Hope you are going wonderfully wherever you are in the world ! Thank you so much for your comments on my last post, can't tell you how happy it makes me to have people say nice things about the outfits from all different corners of the globe. When I started this blog I had no real idea that people would be able to find me (aside from my weardrobe link), i figured I's just be a tiny "blip" on the horizon of this huge internet, so cheers to all my lovely readers, I love you guys!

Marta, I know exactly what you mean, last year here it seemed like forever before spring had truly sprung! But i bet Polish spring is spectacular, and will be worth the wait!

Kim, I had to laugh, I am probably the least tanned of all my friends at the moment, but yeah, living in Perth you inevitably get some colour. I remember once I came back from Fiji, quite proud of how golden I'd gotten while away, and no-one even noticed because I just looked the same as everyone else! :)

Anyway so here in Perth it's just starting to hit that time of year where you get dressed in autumn clothes because it's freezing in the morning, and by the time the afternoon rolls around, you're searching for your short shorts. But I have to say, I'm liking the change and autumn does make for some super adorable outfits! Like this one my gorgeous friend at uni came to class wearing! It was soo cute I just had to ask her if I could share it with you guys too, bless! How seriously pretty is she as well can I add?! She'll be so embarassed when she reads this!

Still on the whole teapot pose thing, sorry about this, I plan on teaming up with my friend Sam ( who also happens to have a secret blog that none of our friends know about, aren't we hilarious?) and shooting a whole lot of photos from what I've been wearing over the week.

Post again soon,
<3 always Lily

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Summer's not over just yet!

Have I already mentioned how much I love March ?! what a beautiful weekend! Hope you had as much fun as i did! Seem to be on a bit of a domestic thing at the moment, Over the weekend I made a big hot fudge brownie which didn't even survive the day, (eep, havta run that one off later!) and ! guess what? I handmade my first card! Nothing too flash, and I really need to learn how to cut straighter, but hey, thought I'd share anyway.

I just also want to say to you guys my readers, thanks so much for all of your beautiful comments, I can't tell you all how much it makes my day when I see someone from near or far commenting on a post, and from all the corners of the world! I'm truly touched and feel so lucky to have met such awesome people :)

Take care guys, and I'll post again soon!

Hope you're having a beautiful day, wherever you are in the world <3 Lily

Friday, March 12, 2010

West Coast Blues and Roots

March seriously has to be one of my favourite months of the year. In Perth, the summer seems to last 4 months, it only starts to cool off really in April, which means lots of summer fun can be had til then. So many awesome things happen in March: Sculptures, The Mandurah crab fest (a quirky little fair my fiance and I do as a bit of a tradition), Unwrapped, all the Uni events, March is my kind of month. And uni work never seems to be too hectic in March, that's always a plus. People are all back from flying all around the world, so tend to have lots of catch ups this time of year too :D

But the big one for me is West Coast Blues and Roots music festival and OMG Angus and Julia Stone, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Lisa Mitchell, JB trio, crowded house are playing and try-to-breathe-normally-again, soo excited! The only thing that could have made it better would be if Sarah Blasko or Emiliana Torrini were there too.. I was absolutely devastated that I couldn't go to this year's Southbound music festival, there were so many amazing artists (including Sarah and Emiliana) and my friends and I were planning to do the whole experience, camping and all! But alas, I flew out to Singapore then.. some of us have it tough, huh?

Today's outfit was pretty simple, cropped Miss Shop White Jacket with a grey and white striped singlet top, jade stone necklace from Diva and black Jeanswest short shorts, the shoes are just patent grey buckle ballet flats from Kmart and cost me a tiny $10! My fiance made me go to the shops and get a new pair of flats, my others were looking far too "loved" shall we say! anyway little blogbees, hope you're enjoying life, wherever you are in the world <3 Lily

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Unwrapped !

So this one isn't exactly a fashion post, but it's something that I love and really wanted to share with you guys!

I'm sure a lot of you will understand what I say when I say that one of my favourite things at markets is seeing all the beautiful handmade creations, the things that people create are incredible. On Saturday Perth held the biannual Unwrapped event, it's kind of like a giant etsy market with a designer twist, so many beautiful things, and so many amazingly talented people all in the same place..I have to stop myself from twirling around on my toes with joy just from thinking about it all. <3

Anyway, I would love to hear from you guys, what is your absolute favourite item that you've bought at a market? jot it down in the box, even send me a picture, I'd love to see ! take care, <3 always, Lily
photos courtesy of

Sculpture by the Sea

Hello gorgeous people from around the world! Hope your weekend's were all fun and no work! Sorry it's been a while :9

Had the amazing opportunity to go to Sculptures by the Sea this weekend, where the beach down at Cottesloe gets transformed into an interactive art exhibition for a week or so. Don't have the laptop to show you all the photos, but a friend managed to send me this one. Pretty simple this outfit, just wearing a strapless cotton bubble dress and a fedora which I nabbed in Thailand for an amazing 30 cents Aussie! so proud!

Anyway, here's some of my favourites from last year, hope you love them as much as I did!:

Does anywhere around you do something like this?? I would love to hear !

Hope you're enjoying yourselves, wherever you are in the world, <3 Lily

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So long laptop, it's been fun!

So I'm supposed to be putting up a photo with this, but I'm going to fess up with you guys.. I broke my laptop the other day in the most blonde way possible. Yep, bye bye screen, bye bye sitting on the bed or the couch uploading pics, and bye bye to my way of uploading them from my phone via bluetooth,have to go to mum's. Shit.

At uni today and I'm sure a lot of you fashion bloggers will know exactly what I'm talking about, when you have to ask someone if they can take a photo.. and there's this tiny awkward moment where you're left pointing to some random garden or some kind of dull concrete wall and the girl or guy you're asking is looking at you like.. "you want a photo of the wall?".. and you know it's coming, you have to say it "it's for my fashion blog". I suppose I'm getting used to it, but it still makes my heart race every time.I suppose it's because I don't really see myself as being terribly fashionable. Had the most gorgeous girl take this one, she was so enthusiastic it just brightened my whole day up.
Anyway, it's off to class.. sigh.. summer really is over.

Hope you're having a wonderfully bright day, wherever you are in the world,
<3 Lily

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy long weekend!

Beautiful day today - could not believe how blessed we all were for the first day of autumn! made the most of it too had breakfast/ lunch/ afternoon tea at a friend's, and had a great time exploring the backyard!
YAY for the first day of spring for the Northies!

<3 Sending loads of love, Lily