Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh gosh, this is an epic, sorry!

Hey there lovelies! <3 Hope you're having a great one, wherever you are in the world <3

So in a few weeks I move into my new home, and I began the gigantic task of packing today. It's funny, after years of complaining about my "character" home shall we say, I'm realising how much I've come to love my dear old house. It's home, it's where I've spent the last 5 years of my life, (and a bit before that when it was my fiancé's place and I would sneak in through his window on my morning "walks" ).It's where I've spent countless hours catching up with close friends, having sleepovers and Sunday breakfasts, sharing birthdays and Easters and Christmases together with my family. It's where my fiancé proposed in front of all our friends on my 21st birthday, and where I sat waiting next to the phone at times when he went overseas.

Anyway, to be completely honest with you guys, the last week and a half now I've not been sleeping, I mean big time. Usually I'm like a new kitten, sleeping a ridiculous amount. So you could say this whole moving thing has got to me a little :D

It's funny how quickly having this blog has changed me. Before this, I couldn't have imagined taking photos while I was looking so sleep deprived and feeling like .. well, we all know how crappy it is not to be sleeping properly ( You'd think being a uni student I'd be pro at it by now :P ) and now, here I am, putting them up on the internet! I've got to admit, it's been very liberating learning to put myself out there, despite my own self-consciousness which I'm pretty sure is in most girl's DNA. (or this could just be the sleep deprivation talking and it's just me?) You guys deserve all the credit, I've been absolutely blown away at all the gorgeous comments you guys have written about my blog and my outfits, and at the amazing people that I've already met! So keep commenting, I love hearing about how you're all going and what it's like in your part of the world :)

All my love, Lily


  1. i'm starting an independent life next year, provided that i'll manage to defend my diploma. i'm focused on my studies at the moment, despite the fact everything around seems to be by far more interesting. i'm preparing to entance exams as well, so keep your fingers crosses!!! i hated photography as well! i have to admit once again that people are changing! lovely pics by the way! wishing you a nice day :)

  2. So some things you can read will say that moving is the second most stressful thing you have to deal with... a new job is the third. So no great surprise you are not sleeping!

    You know the thing about a blog I have found is that most girls are not judgmental, we all make allowances for "real life" and the things we have to deal with and I think we all enjoy seeing what other people in all parts of the world are up to!

    Use the time to pack to sort out what is important to you, enjoy it rediscover some things you had not thought about wearing for years!! :D

    Oh yeah... and I love your bag in the photo, cute look, you would never think you were not sleeping! Hang in there Lily! :D

  3. and one more thing! AN AWARD IS WAITING FOR YOU ;) CHECK OUT MY POST! :)

  4. Ohh I got a proposal for my 21st aswell, lovely birthday present isn't it!

    I love all your outfits, you always look so gorgeous!!