Friday, March 26, 2010

Good Game

Hey there lovely friends, hope you're all having a great time, wherever you are in the world :)
After what seemed like forever for some of us, we finally have power back on :D Which means I can finally have a long hot shower, can cook food in the oven, WASH MY CLOTHES and can do all the normal things that I really had taken for granted until now. I'm feeling very blessed right now :)

It's already nearly Easter! - can someone please tell me how this even happened? Surely I haven't been at uni for 4 weeks now.. oh.. yep, yes i have, which means I should probably be doing a lot more study than I am. Skipped honours class again today to go hang out with friends at the tav. My reasoning being that I'm making the most of this gorgeous weather, after the storm reminded me of how dark and gloomy winter can be. Don't you love it? :9

Another reason I'm feeling so blessed, went to the Body Shop to try and return my White Musk gift set I was given for Christmas.. Yes, Christmas. Tell you what, I didn't like my chances. So when the assistant smiled cheerfully and said " sure you have $38 to spend" I wasn't really expecting it. I'm usually pretty indecisive when it comes to buying things in general, but not really thinking I'd get anywhere, I didn't have a clue where to start or even what I needed. After about a full hour of soaking up the various scents of different body butters, body washes and scrubs, I was ready: Coconut Shower Cream, Pink Grapefruit Body Wash, and a to die for Japanese Cherry blossom body lotion ( still trying to hold on to summer, much ?) I could barely contain my joy, I could have skipped out of the shop and not have noticed.

Thanks to everyone who sent their love concerning the storm post, you guys are so awesome! Kim, happy to hear all your friends are okay, a lot of people's cars are write offs now, the hail damage was so bad!And Marta, sorry I missed your comment before - you're giving me an award! You are the sweetest! Are you sure? there are many majorly more talented and stylish people than me! I saw what you wrote about lightning and I actually saved some photos on my computer for you, I'll upload them on a separate post soon <3

Fashion post coming soon
All my Love,
<3 Lily


  1. Hi ya! :) Not sure what this post is but when you have five mins can you have a look at a skirt I posted about on my blog, I would like to see if you think it is mad or not!!! :)

    Hope you are well and the storms have passed :)

  2. Hey hun, sorry, I pressed post too early, and it was only the title when you saw it !
    <3 Lily