Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Matt and Kim - Daylight

Heard this on the mars ad, I dare you to listen and not start tapping your toes :D
Thank God for google.. can you imagine how hard it would be to find out what this song was if the internet didn't exist?
Hope you're all well, just thought I'd brighten your day a bit

<3 Lily

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Hope you've all been having a fantastic day, and aren't feeling too sick from the copious amounts of chocolate you munched down, unlike me..oops!

the traditional Easter egg had to be postponed til after lunch today, who would have thought that our first WET day would be on Easter Sunday? Oh well, just as is the way in Perth, we had about 10 minutes of rain before beautiful sunshine started bursting through the clouds once again :)
Such a fantastic day, all over the place spending time with close friends and relatives. One of my close friends who I did photos for a while back gave me a copy of a few of them, yay! Here's just a glimpse

Anyway, I'll post what I wore tomorrow, when I feel like getting out of my new pj's and the lighting's a bit better!

All my love <3 Lily

Saturday, April 23, 2011

sooo maybe I do need to grow up..

But I wish I had a onesie.. preferably one as cute as this.. although I very highly doubt I'll look anything as cute as this, dammmn!
Back closer to home, Peter Alexander has a cute " Winter Wonderland" one.. I might need to indulge the little girl in me and get one..

and while I'm there, these Maxwell and Williams teacup and saucer sets wouldn't be too bad either ;) Seriously, they make me want to have people over for tea and scones, with nothing actually in the teacups because we're playing pretend! could u imagine!

Hope you're all doing amazingly well, and having gorgeous weather, wherever you are in the world !

Oh and special shout out to 2 new readers Chateau de lille (can I say Fi?? is that cool?) and Jazzy! soo cool that people actually read my blog, I feel wicked that u guys let me be a part of ur days :)

All my love,
<3 Lily

Monday, April 18, 2011

Adele - and magic music moments with Alexandra Patsavas

Just thought I'd share with you guys, in love with this song at the moment.. some people are just born ridiculously talented!

They used this song on Grey's the other night too, thanks to another ridiclously talented girl: the music supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas: i.e. Music Goddess <3 Ever since the O.C. I've been blown away at her most amazing gift for taking a scene and transforming it with music.. If you've ever had a beautiful tv moment, it may just have been her behind it -

I won't say the bit where this song was used, cos it hasn't aired in Australia yet, but be prepared for goosebumps!

Other Alexandra moments:

A HUGE one for Grey's fans - Chasing Cars - Issy and Denny

Gossip girl fans - That moment we waited almost a whole season for: the moment Chuck says I love you

LINK: http://youtu.be/iYsnBaBqLJ4

The O.C. fans - this time we cried for different reasons - End of Season One - Ryan leaves newport, leaving everyone in pieces

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyXhxin-7A8

And then, there is this one..

true love - Meredith and Derek.

there are more romantic scenes, but this was the moment I realised that it was true love between them, and that I really HAD found mine in my fiancée, after struggling for so long questioning how I could have found my true love so early in life (we're high school sweethearts). It's not just the times that you are madly into each other which defines true love, but these moments, when things aren't going great, when you're in too deep, where everything gets too much, and the other person pulls you through. The moment I saw the way Derek care for Meredith here, I realised that that's what my fiancée and I have.. and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him by my side.

I hope you all find that amazing, heartbeat rushing, tummy falling, meaningful, nothing else matters true love, wherever you are in the world :)

<3 Lily

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things I love about Seattle

2am and I've just got off the phone to Luly Yang.. God I can't wait to get back to Seattle, there are so many things that I love about that beautiful city. Totally surreal experience talking about my wedding dress' progress too. Still can't believe I'm having a one off dress made for me, amazing!

Things I miss about Seattle, somehow they've mostly ended up being about food!

1. my Family - totally worth those hours spent in the air to get there!

2. Cherry pop tarts - you should have seen my little eyes light up when I saw a gigantic box of these bad boys at Costco for 7.49... no wonder I put on 2 and a half inches on my waist while i was there!

3. Chai lattes are just SO much better in America.. my dear Australia - honey is for lemon tea, and people with colds, not for heaping into chai!

4. Seattle library. Middle of Winter and it amazed me how light and airy it seemed in there...perfect for studying while I'm back in the holidays. Probably a lot of the reason why I love Seattle so much too, any city that spends that much money on a library and the arts is okay in my book :)

5.Chinese massages by real chinese people hidden away in older shopping centres and spots you would never even know existed otherwise.

6. Ferry boats. Of course ;) This also might explain why I'm so in love with harbor master !

7. American shops: Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret and Nordstrom in particular - should be even better this next time, as the Aussie dollar makes everything even cheaper!

8. Guido's - quite possibly my favourite Italian Restaurant in the world, on par with Phuket's " La Trattoria at Laguna. I could become morbidly obese if I didn't live more than a plane ride away from these places!

9. The nature - The huge pine trees, the snow capped mountains that just pop up out of nowhere, the distance, the hills, the lakes, Seattle is so pretty - oh and North Bend ! This will be my first time going in the Summer, so I'm hoping I get to get my Bear Grylls on and do some hiking!

10. The Space needle! along with Petronas twin towers in KL, one of my favourite looking buildings.

11. Raspberry Iridescent m& m's and Passionfruit Malibu

12. Costco - i know i said American shops, but I think the sheer size of Costco means it deserves it's own special mention - also the huggggge pizza slices make me feel like i'm a little child again they're so big

So many, many things, but I thought I'd better stop myself at 12! Anyway, I'll post some pics of what I've been wearing tomorrow :)

hope you've all been having a fantastic weekend, wherever you are in the world
<3 Lily

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Panda band music video

So Sam and I had the awesome opportunity of getting to be part of a West Aussie band, Panda band's latest music video clip for the single " 51 swimsuits"
we totally thought we were just going to go along and dance happily in the background :D What we didn't know is that we would end up being a part of the video!! eeep! Loads of fun, got to meet the band and play around on the beach all day. I even got to wear a special crown - bless!

I'll post the clip when we get to see it !

meanwhile here's some shots of the set. This was when it was all over ( for obvious reasons, we weren't allowed to take any photos during the shooting, we were in front of the camera!

All my love, Lily

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Priscilla Ahn Dream - Wedding Aisle song

This is the song I'm going to be walking down the aisle to, thought I'd share it with you!

I'd been looking for the right song for ages, then one ordinary day I was sitting in my loungeroom watching Grey's with bestie Sam, when this started playing and all of a sudden - bam- this is it. This is the song I want to walk down the aisle to marry my amazing fiance. This is my story, the little girl who would sit in the garden making food for the fairies out of bottlebrush flowers, and who spent most of her time up in the trees in pretty little dresses, finally marrying the man of her dreams, the man she can't live without.

Now all I have to do is learn how not to cry when I hear it.. don't even speak to me about the vows!!

All my love,

Googles icecream logo

How cute is this?

Friday, April 1, 2011

the little things!

Suuuuch good weather - I love you March!! It's the little moments that bring me the most happiness. Yesterday I rode down to the lake, just to have some time to myself,sat down by the shore with my toes dipped in, and tiny baby fish - or tadpoles, but I'm pretty sure little fish, started nibbling on me, just like the fish in Phuket that you always see in those big tanks in shopping centres - so cool! I stayed as still as I could and just watched them for what must have been forever, because I stayed there so long that a dragonfly landed on my knee. It made me so happy it turned my whole week around, which was good, cos the day before my bestie and I were VERY nearly in a head on collision - after a 4wd fire truck decided to roar into our lane to overtake.

Also got new glasses - I'm in love - Sam helped me choose them - gorgeous gold colour by Alex Perry.. now if only I could own a few of his dresses! It's funny, I feel like my wedding dress is quite Alex Perryish - very feminine with ah-mazing construction.. I can't wait to show you guys.. I just wish my fiance didn't read my blog so I could share..
but I can tell you the lady making my dress is Seattle designer Luly Yang, and it's a 2011 collection.

Oh and on the way home from my magical lake feet dipping experience, I bought a new plant - her name is Cynthia, she's an indoorsy, and I'm quietly smitten :)

Hope you're all having an amazing time, wherever you are in the world !