Saturday, April 23, 2011

sooo maybe I do need to grow up..

But I wish I had a onesie.. preferably one as cute as this.. although I very highly doubt I'll look anything as cute as this, dammmn!
Back closer to home, Peter Alexander has a cute " Winter Wonderland" one.. I might need to indulge the little girl in me and get one..

and while I'm there, these Maxwell and Williams teacup and saucer sets wouldn't be too bad either ;) Seriously, they make me want to have people over for tea and scones, with nothing actually in the teacups because we're playing pretend! could u imagine!

Hope you're all doing amazingly well, and having gorgeous weather, wherever you are in the world !

Oh and special shout out to 2 new readers Chateau de lille (can I say Fi?? is that cool?) and Jazzy! soo cool that people actually read my blog, I feel wicked that u guys let me be a part of ur days :)

All my love,
<3 Lily


  1. I love that top one!! OMG :D

    Okay I want one too now! :) Hope the long weekend is fun Lily :D

  2. I have just seen it's from VS, I am back there in the US next month :D :D <3

  3. Hi hun, thanks for your sweet comments. Are the Victoria's Secret pjs a onesie, or a two piece? I didn't know they did onesies?? I'm doing an order with them soon, god I hope it's a onesie! Let me know!!

  4. Kim! I need to give u my email so I can reply direct, my gosh u travel to the US a lot u lucky girl! Perth is doing really weird things with the weather, this is the FIRST day of actual wintery rain... other than the summer storms we've had... longest summer ever !

    I know, I squeaked with delight when I saw the top one, it's not a onesie :( but it's so damn close I'm considering buying it anyway, adorable, right ?

    Thanks Angela and welcome!! it's not a onesie :( totally looks like it tho, deceiving vs... *shakes fist ;) the only onesie I've ever seen was the one Lily wore on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010.. super cute, I think it had lips all over it,

    VS is awesome for ordering online, check out too for coupon codes :)

    All my love girlies!

  5. Very adorable!! I squeaked too!! :D

    Its exactly what I am looking for. :D VS gets far too much of my cash. I LOVE the Pink range, knickers, trackies, tops... all of it!! :D