Sunday, December 12, 2010

A whole Lotter fun !

Also, I saw an otter today swimming in Lake Sammamish

Sweet !

this totally makes me want to dye my hair dark

Maybe it's the being in winter up here in seattle, but anyway, I know I wasn't really happy being brunette, I remember how awesome it felt when I went back to being blonde again,

Anyways just thought I'd share :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

the land of much deliciousness, in the city of prettiness

Man, i have got to get wayyyyy better at posting.. this is probably going to become a life blog for a little while, it jus seems to be goin that i was super at packing, so b4 i go shopping it's just going to look like the same pieces mixed in many many ways !

So I left all my friends on Monday night for a month. Heartbroken is not the word, so sad, i have so many awesome peope around me I feel very blessed.. then I've spent something ridiculous like 20 hours in planes.. had 5 hour stopovers along the way.. and bang! Here I am, finally, in Seattle..

Seattle is seriously pretty. Seattle's like the pretty girl in class who is seriously awesome but doesn't really talk much and so people don't really know much about her. At the moment it's well and truly winter, so the pines are dotted amongst deciduous trees which have all lost their leaves, it looks.. well it looks exactly how you imagine america in winter, like something from a movie or postcard. My dad's house is on a lake here, so every monring I get to wake up to this

that's been pretty neat.. a few weeks back there was a little family of otters sliding around on their tummies on the dock, it was the cutest picture, i'll ask if i can post it for u all :)

Also, I took a photo of peppermint bark for Sam from to have a look at, i hope i described it well!
I have been eating so much here it's ridiculous, they have such different food, yesterday i had a maple syrup donut.. so amazing it didnt even get enough time in the world for me to take a photo, there's pop tarts for $2.49, which jst seems ridiculous cos in Australia we pay like 8 dollars or more, might even be 10 i cant recall.. oh and AUSSIE WINE - is actually cheaper here, and yellow tail has wayy bigger range, work that out. Going to Costco tomorrow, it could get crazy, im jst excitd about costco pizza slices, they were so yum last time!
Shopping here is crazy too, i was flipping thru a big 5 catalogue ( like our Jim Kidd for sports store) and nike's are normally $60. This trip is going to pay for itself in no time.

Another discovery of deliciousness, Passionfruit Malibu. OH . My. GOSH. Sam i hope u read this, ALL of my duty free allowance is going on this stuff, it is so delicious! screw Alize! yep yep yep, that's just how awesome it is =D

The day before I left I did a shoot for the amazing, amazingly talented Olivia from Olive farm.. totally worth looking her up on etsy, her stuff is sooo pretty
Anyway, here's one of the photos from the shoot

also needing a huge mention is Mashita from Meisha make up artistry, she was sooo gorgeous and did such an AmaZing job! her page is!/meisha.makeupartistry

Just quickly
this was the night i left so the picture quality was shot to high hell, oops! anyway, you'll see more soon :)

so im ridiculously tired! and it's something like 2 maybe 3 am here .. damn !
hope you're all eating lots of yummy foods, doing lots of amazing things and feeling fantastic, wherever u are in the world !

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What a busy little week

Hey readers! hope you've all been laughing lots and spending lots of time with the people you love, wherever you are in the world.

This week
1. Shared an ipad with a total stranger on the train and watched Family Guy together

2. Fire burnt down one of my favourite little hideaway spots with a pretty little walkway :(

3. Sam slept over (

4. Discovered my favourite flavour pistachio gelati is sold in tubs at a shop super closeby!

5. late night shopping was introduced, which means now I can ride Bluebell down to the shops at like 7, when the sun is just going down and enjoy my favourite time of the day even more :)

6. Wrote 2 essays - my LAST EVER assignments aside from my dissertation :D
7. Discovered a really pretty bottle-o has been down the road all this time and I had no idea. <3 <3 <3 discovering cool new things
8. Worked a bit. Had a guy try to pick me up twice and told me my fiance would never have to know. Cheers Enrique Iglesias for that one..
9. Went to macdonald's almost everyday of the week - stress eating clearly kicking in. Got two free bigmac/quarter pounder vouchers because it took longer than 3 minutes to get my food.
10. had a brush with an angry German Shepard when I didn't notice I was walking on it's driveway.. who knew stuff from Bear Gryll's worst case scenario would ever be useful? Cheers Bear, ur even more of a hero !

11. Did a photoshoot with my photographer friend and got to be 3 different shades of lily. -photos coming soon if he lets me- i'd love to share them with you guys
12. Shopped a little - new pretty dress and new work shoes to add to the wardrobe

13. Discovered cadbury have a limited edition strawberries and cream chocolate, it's fantastic!Just like strawberry freddos mmm

14. Tuesday was Melbourne Cup day! the race that stops the nation ! no wins this year, unlucky :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Favourite Song of the moment, and it's going to be an amazing SUMMER!

This songs also used on the trailer for Tomorrow when the War Began, a famous Aussie book series turned film trilogy, it suits so well.

Hope you're all having a fantastic day ! wherever u are in the world !

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wildflowers, bbqs, sun and sand =D

hey readers,
Yesterday was such amazing weather my mummy and i ( yes, i really am that impossibly uncool, still callin her mummy.. Should really giv that up soon) went adventuring, up to wireless hill for the wildflowers and later to point walter where we dipped our little feet and ate chips by the beach ( we wouldn't be australian if we didn't do that, right?) it was beautiful, so packed with families, i even saw a family with a baby weber - ( this is exciting because im also a proud ownr of one of these babies, so therefore, we have a connection! Lol !) if u havnt heard of a baby weber, google it, its a kinda do anything on it bbq, andwhen we break for the year in november, the psych crew are going bush and taking my baby with us - eep ! Cannot wait for camping good times !
Anyway back on the fashion side - kinda the whole reason for this blog, right hehehe! Bought this stripey cotton cardi in subiaco on my lunch break the other day, to console myself that my job doesn't suck that much, i get to go shopping in subi - yay! It's soo comfy that i've had a hard time keeping it off, jst so snuggly! So this posts outfits are gonna be stripey cardi themed =D all my love guys, hope you're having a snugglin time in whatever ur wearing, wherever you are in the world ! Love lily xoxoxo

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Having trouble sleeping

Hey there readers !
Trying to be a bit more regular with blogging, hope you've all been keeping well, wherever u are in the world ! So much has been happening, with uni, and my new job, ppls parties and enjoying the amazzziiingg weather here in my time off, i love october! Got my hair done, yay !! It'd been wayy too long.. Surprised anyone recognized me there ! =D anyway, nice hair means lots more outfit posts because I won't have to try and cut off my head in the pic to get an okay shot =D ps - how cute is this eye patch ! It's from this place we have in aus called cotton on, i'm not sure if they have it where any of you guys are ? I know there's one in malaysia =) anyway, another 2 outfits as well, check this out, the floral skirt is actually a dress ! Hahah this is me dancing ontop of a bar on Bang-La Road in Phuket, had soo much fun that night ! Anyway gorgeous people, i'll post again in 3 days, til then, hope you enjoy the sunshine, even you northern hemisphere lovelies ! =D all my love lily

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My one night only act as a waitress!

Hey amazingly patient readers, hope you are all having a splendiferous time, wherever u are in the world ! Wore this outfit the other night ( minus the sparkly half top - that was what darling fiance brought me to keep me warm when we went out to freo after ! ) Another girl i do honours with rang me in the aftrnoon ' hey, i'm really struggling to get my honours work done by tomorrow, can't take a night off.. What are your plans ? Wanna waitress for me ? ' of course !! =D okay, u start at six (it was 5) ! Ha ! It was such an amazing fantastic night! Anyway here's what i wore:

all my love, lily

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

Outfit number 1 of 7 new

Just for you kim !thanks so much for ur very speedy comment ! I agree, it's so easy living in perth to just zip up to singapore, bali etc for a week ! I'll be posting more very soon, but im at uni at the moment !

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hey gorgeous readers ! So excited, so much to tell you! Phuket/Malaysia was ammmaaazing, i feel so blessed to hav been able to visit such beautiful places with such astounding scenery that you just don't get in Perth! First stop malaysia, and first thing off the plane - coffee bean and tea leaf for a ice blended chai mate ( said mah- tay) how i wish they had a coffee bean and tea leaf here in Perth, i would travel everyday to have that little cup of sunshine in my life ! Hearing the man giving me my tea, saying terima kasih, and i'm already loving the place silly.i remember reading eat pray love, elizabeth gilbert was talking about travelling, and about loving it so much that she just didnt care what it put her through, how sick it made her. This is exactly the way i feel. I love everything about travelling, I love the people, i love the way different things hav different words, i love all the different scenes, soaking up the culture as i physically can, the food.. Oh the food! my gosh,ate myself silly the whole time i was there, my fiance must have been embarassed at how much i ate ! We worked out the other day that by the end of the year i will hav clocked up over 20 flights, not bad for someone who's not the calmest flyer in the world ! Having already been to malaysia this year, it was great to go and be able to show fiance around, and im sure now, that there is no other feeling in the world quite like knowing where you are in a completely different country, where it's a completely different language. There's something so deep down satisfying about it, even the little things like being able to recognise the word 'tandas' which means toilet, just gives me a kick. Went back to petronas twin towers, and i didnt think it possible, but those towers looked even prettier than in my memories ! We actually got to see them from the sky as we were coming in to kl airport, which was sooo cool, and saw genting in the highlands, where i went for a while last time too ! Fiance agreed that they were the most beautiful buildings he'd ever seen, aftr a heap of photos, off we went down to the aquaria, where i got to watch fiance's eyes light up with amazement at the size of the bugs, the stargate atlantis looking crabs, and squirm at the thought of having fish eat his feet ! Hahaha it was fantastic jam packed day, the shopping was unbelievable, chinese markets highly recommended ! Monorail was so fun but so packed! bullet train back to the airport, onto phuket, and night swim b4 slipping into our bath robes and hotel slippers.. Bliss! Part 2 coming soon

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

FW: Outfit post finally !

-original message-
Subject: Outfit post finally !
Date: 08/09/2010 2:36 pm

Hey beautiful readers, missed you !
Some of you probably noticed my blog went down for a week last week, I'll tell you the reason why - I WAS IN PHUKET! It was a present for my birthday, what an incredible trip, such amazing weather, amazing people, amazing beaches, amazing experiences. anyway, this will be a quick post, off to uni, but I just thought i was well overdue for outfit posting.
Hope your having a fantastic amazing time, wherever you are in the world ! <3 always Lily

Photo shoot

Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to Uni

hey readers! Hope you've all been having a great time, wherever you are in the world :)

Anyway so uni has gone back for the semester - yay! but aw :( hahaha!
Semester two is my favourite semester, the days are getting longer, there's a lot more sun to be enjoyed, and a lot more hanging out at the tav, and it's the semester quite often that a bunch of us will ditch class and head to the beach :) bliss!

So good to be back, I can't tell you.. this is the last semester for a lot of my friends, so there's a real sense of " make these days count" around.. which is making it lots more fun and making us all spend more time with each other.. cue crazy times at the tavern which roll out to us all heading out ..(in the middle of the week too!) and stumbling in late to the lecture the next day looking very seedy!

I've got loads of outfit posts to put up - I'll try to upload them tomorrow, I won't promise I'll get it done today! take care guys, talk again soon

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Made on the Left


Went to Made on the Left today, a designer art and craft market which showcases creative talent across Perth. My goodness, if only I was so talented!! It was soo great, it's one thing to scroll through etsy stores online, it's another thing entirely to be able to see all this stuff in one place, and even get to talk to the amazingly gifted people who've created it ! So much beautiful stuff I had no idea where to start! Bought some delicious handmade soap - coconut slice scent so yummy I'll have to remind myself it's soap!

Also, another amazing thing happened - I was just walking about, taking in all the amazing sights, looking what I thought - very worst for wear -and one of the ridiculously talented designers, from the label Olive Farm - asked me if I'd like to model some of her beautiful headpieces & headbands for her!! You literally could have blown me over with a feather. For one - i adore headbands and headpieces, and these were the prettiest I'd ever laid my eyes on, and for 2: even though I've been doing some stuff for my photographer friend and his colleagues, i have never quite thought of myself as being anything close to a model!
Olive Farm Pics

Made of Awesome necklace

Hope you're having a brilliant time, full of adventures, wherever you are in the world!

All my Love, <3 Lily

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Grey Cable Knit Socks!

Looking quite excited here for two reasons - 1. Uni: managed to pull off some sweeet results! 2. New socks!! I have been looking for these babies (exactly) for - and I'm not even kidding - probably 2 years!

Anyway guys this is gonna be a short one - hope you're all having a wonderful, splendiferous time, wherever you are in the world !

All my love <3 Lily

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

A little bit of sunshine !

Hey there beautiful peeps, hope you're all feeling toasty warm, and the sun is shining, wherever you are in the world.
Still freezing here in perth, another zero degree celsius night last night.. Which means that there's not a lot of going out, but a lot of staying in with friends, huddled around the heater and eating copious amounts of delicious comfort food ! Perfect!
Anyway this photo was takn while a friend and i were adventuring through the city on the weekend. Poor Perth, I've been so busy I can't even think when the last time when i was ther, it's kind of turned into the kind of relationship you hav with the family pet when you move out, you don't see it as much, you miss it dearly, but when you do see it, it's as if nothing's changed. Ahh Perth, you loyal puppy, you always surprise me with something new to discover. Went to patricia piccinini's exhibition at the art gallery this trip- Wow. Where do i start. First off, that girl has some serioud talent, because my goodness, her creatures looked real! Pretty creepy looking, but when you saw them up close, they had a sort of innocence and gentleness to them, i'll post a pic of the igloo critter which i liked the best.. She'd also used vespa's and motorcycles as creatures, it was just insane !

All my love <3 Lily

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cream colour flower headband - Diva
Cream edwardian collar cotton top - Target
Leather short pleated pocket skirt - Dotti
Large crystal & metal beaded necklace - Portmans

photo taken in Fremantle