Monday, October 18, 2010

Wildflowers, bbqs, sun and sand =D

hey readers,
Yesterday was such amazing weather my mummy and i ( yes, i really am that impossibly uncool, still callin her mummy.. Should really giv that up soon) went adventuring, up to wireless hill for the wildflowers and later to point walter where we dipped our little feet and ate chips by the beach ( we wouldn't be australian if we didn't do that, right?) it was beautiful, so packed with families, i even saw a family with a baby weber - ( this is exciting because im also a proud ownr of one of these babies, so therefore, we have a connection! Lol !) if u havnt heard of a baby weber, google it, its a kinda do anything on it bbq, andwhen we break for the year in november, the psych crew are going bush and taking my baby with us - eep ! Cannot wait for camping good times !
Anyway back on the fashion side - kinda the whole reason for this blog, right hehehe! Bought this stripey cotton cardi in subiaco on my lunch break the other day, to console myself that my job doesn't suck that much, i get to go shopping in subi - yay! It's soo comfy that i've had a hard time keeping it off, jst so snuggly! So this posts outfits are gonna be stripey cardi themed =D all my love guys, hope you're having a snugglin time in whatever ur wearing, wherever you are in the world ! Love lily xoxoxo

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Having trouble sleeping

Hey there readers !
Trying to be a bit more regular with blogging, hope you've all been keeping well, wherever u are in the world ! So much has been happening, with uni, and my new job, ppls parties and enjoying the amazzziiingg weather here in my time off, i love october! Got my hair done, yay !! It'd been wayy too long.. Surprised anyone recognized me there ! =D anyway, nice hair means lots more outfit posts because I won't have to try and cut off my head in the pic to get an okay shot =D ps - how cute is this eye patch ! It's from this place we have in aus called cotton on, i'm not sure if they have it where any of you guys are ? I know there's one in malaysia =) anyway, another 2 outfits as well, check this out, the floral skirt is actually a dress ! Hahah this is me dancing ontop of a bar on Bang-La Road in Phuket, had soo much fun that night ! Anyway gorgeous people, i'll post again in 3 days, til then, hope you enjoy the sunshine, even you northern hemisphere lovelies ! =D all my love lily

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My one night only act as a waitress!

Hey amazingly patient readers, hope you are all having a splendiferous time, wherever u are in the world ! Wore this outfit the other night ( minus the sparkly half top - that was what darling fiance brought me to keep me warm when we went out to freo after ! ) Another girl i do honours with rang me in the aftrnoon ' hey, i'm really struggling to get my honours work done by tomorrow, can't take a night off.. What are your plans ? Wanna waitress for me ? ' of course !! =D okay, u start at six (it was 5) ! Ha ! It was such an amazing fantastic night! Anyway here's what i wore:

all my love, lily

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

Outfit number 1 of 7 new

Just for you kim !thanks so much for ur very speedy comment ! I agree, it's so easy living in perth to just zip up to singapore, bali etc for a week ! I'll be posting more very soon, but im at uni at the moment !