Saturday, October 16, 2010

Having trouble sleeping

Hey there readers !
Trying to be a bit more regular with blogging, hope you've all been keeping well, wherever u are in the world ! So much has been happening, with uni, and my new job, ppls parties and enjoying the amazzziiingg weather here in my time off, i love october! Got my hair done, yay !! It'd been wayy too long.. Surprised anyone recognized me there ! =D anyway, nice hair means lots more outfit posts because I won't have to try and cut off my head in the pic to get an okay shot =D ps - how cute is this eye patch ! It's from this place we have in aus called cotton on, i'm not sure if they have it where any of you guys are ? I know there's one in malaysia =) anyway, another 2 outfits as well, check this out, the floral skirt is actually a dress ! Hahah this is me dancing ontop of a bar on Bang-La Road in Phuket, had soo much fun that night ! Anyway gorgeous people, i'll post again in 3 days, til then, hope you enjoy the sunshine, even you northern hemisphere lovelies ! =D all my love lily


  1. You have the best knits!! I love that little white cardi. Where did you get the skirt in the top photo Lily the cute pink one?

    Oh and cool pole dancing ;) :D