Saturday, June 4, 2011

While I was gone - May update

Gosh it's been too long - I hope you've all been well !

This May I...

...drank more cups of delicious Rose and Vanilla tea than I should admit ( think turkish delight in a cup, a dream! )

.. missed out on over 50 hours of sleep

.. In the two weeks leading up to my research proposal submission, spent more time IN my pretty new pink owl pyjamas than in I did out of them

.. cried when I found out my Nanna might not be around for October

.. cried again when my supervisor handed me back my draft filled with over 100 ( not even kidding) adjustments to make

..felt winded after she handed me back my final draft with another 50 suggested changes

.. laughed til I had tears in my eyes when Sam and I went for a drive down the most beautiful road in Perth (Kalamunda zig zag road) , stopped to take in the beautiful view, and her car wouldn't start back up.

.. Watched the entire LOTR trilogy while doing one of the late nighters

.. rediscovered Scrubs Season 1 late one night with Sam " knife wrench - for kids"
.. Watched all of Arrested Development and Inbetweeners

.. ate possibly more than 3 kilos of bread ( not hard to do when a loaf is 800 gms.)

.. Wowwed at the face that our AVERAGE Autumn temperature this year was 27.5 degrees celsius

.. Went to Freo with Sam and walked to an awesome lookout I'm sure less than a quarter of people from Perth know about :)

.. Found a new florist for the wedding, and my dream bouquet - Angel Flowers - I can have my peonies and freesias!

.. Bought more stuff on the Bath and Body works website than I'll probably be able to take home this trip to Seattle .. hmm..

.. Found a celebrant and started writing my vows

..Rode 20kms on Bluebell!!

.. Confirmed the cupcake details for the wedding " cake" with Little Miss Cupcake <3

.. Discovered that "Old Bluey" a bobtail lizard from my childhood must have met a " Lady Bluey" because there's now a baby bobtail living in my mum's garden!

.. Drunk 3 bottles of Gossips Sweet Lips Muscato!

.. Played balderdash with friends up in Roleystone, huddled near the fireplace and drinking the most divine T2 tea - white xmas - as my gorgeous best guy friend gleefully exclaimed "It's like Christmas in my mouth!!!" <3 him!

.. Dressed up as Alice in Wonderland for a friend's Disney party and felt like some kind of VS girl minus the wings.

.. Even funnier the next day, modelled complete with sash for a friend
.. Drove down to see family in Rockingham and enjoyed spending time just being together while watching Up. Related - Discovered places like Paradise Falls actually exist!!

.. discovered Starburst lollies limited edition - Smoothies!! and Nescafe Irish Cream coffee - like baileys minus the hangover - win !

.. speaking of Hangover, watched it - No more "do u live under a rock? " comments :P

.. Learnt that if I was to sit my TEE again tomorrow, I'd probably fail, going by the STAT test example paper.

.. Read over 400 journal articles about cyber bullying. FML.

Found another wedding song - yay!!

All my love, Lily

Friday, June 3, 2011

Robyn - Dancing on my own

Up to my neck in research proposal, so short post , but I couldn't wait to share it with you guys ! Cannot get enough of this song right now ! True story, I actually thought this song was about a gay guy crushing on a straight guy, who's going out and making out with girls while he's left lonely.. Anyway, sweet lyrics and like the Adele song, I think it sums up the exact way we've all felt about someone at some time in our lives.

Also, somehow watching this makes me not feel as terrible about the fact i look like a giraffe meets flamingo when it comes to dancing !

hope you're all going fantastically !

All my love, Lily

p.s. this pretty much sums up my life right now !