Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello Spring!!

Hey everyone, hope you've all been well..

I've been living under a rock for a while with my thesis.. Well technically it's more like  " Lily spends all day and night inside a sleeping bag tip tapping away at the computer and only knows it's day because she has to use her eye patch for sleeping " kinda deal than an actual rock, but it may as well be a rock. A starfish gets out more than me.

But I've got less than 14 days until hand in now, so the countdown until freedom is well and truly on.

In the meanwhile, I just wanted to share some awesome happy spring pics from various places around the web (read: pinterest!)

Okay Okay, so we may not have Hummingbirds here in Perth - but look at him ! How cute is the little guy!

Also, some pictures that have been making me laugh - because I know for some of you West Aussies, it's exam time / assignment avalanche time right now, so I thought I'd try n give you  a pick me up :)


 cutest. ever. Even the little tennis balls!! 

funniest family portrait 

10th Doctor. ( My husband has been getting into Doctor Who lately.. more to come on my crush of cuteness on Amelia Pond ). 

Oh p.s., for any of you worried - little Strawberry is growing up and is as happy and healthy as can be, but really can't wait for warmer weather, as he tells me he's from Thailand.

sending you all the best, wherever you are in the world !