Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to Uni

hey readers! Hope you've all been having a great time, wherever you are in the world :)

Anyway so uni has gone back for the semester - yay! but aw :( hahaha!
Semester two is my favourite semester, the days are getting longer, there's a lot more sun to be enjoyed, and a lot more hanging out at the tav, and it's the semester quite often that a bunch of us will ditch class and head to the beach :) bliss!

So good to be back, I can't tell you.. this is the last semester for a lot of my friends, so there's a real sense of " make these days count" around.. which is making it lots more fun and making us all spend more time with each other.. cue crazy times at the tavern which roll out to us all heading out ..(in the middle of the week too!) and stumbling in late to the lecture the next day looking very seedy!

I've got loads of outfit posts to put up - I'll try to upload them tomorrow, I won't promise I'll get it done today! take care guys, talk again soon

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Made on the Left


Went to Made on the Left today, a designer art and craft market which showcases creative talent across Perth. My goodness, if only I was so talented!! It was soo great, it's one thing to scroll through etsy stores online, it's another thing entirely to be able to see all this stuff in one place, and even get to talk to the amazingly gifted people who've created it ! So much beautiful stuff I had no idea where to start! Bought some delicious handmade soap - coconut slice scent so yummy I'll have to remind myself it's soap!

Also, another amazing thing happened - I was just walking about, taking in all the amazing sights, looking what I thought - very worst for wear -and one of the ridiculously talented designers, from the label Olive Farm - asked me if I'd like to model some of her beautiful headpieces & headbands for her!! You literally could have blown me over with a feather. For one - i adore headbands and headpieces, and these were the prettiest I'd ever laid my eyes on, and for 2: even though I've been doing some stuff for my photographer friend and his colleagues, i have never quite thought of myself as being anything close to a model!
Olive Farm Pics

Made of Awesome necklace

Hope you're having a brilliant time, full of adventures, wherever you are in the world!

All my Love, <3 Lily

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Grey Cable Knit Socks!

Looking quite excited here for two reasons - 1. Uni: managed to pull off some sweeet results! 2. New socks!! I have been looking for these babies (exactly) for - and I'm not even kidding - probably 2 years!

Anyway guys this is gonna be a short one - hope you're all having a wonderful, splendiferous time, wherever you are in the world !

All my love <3 Lily

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

A little bit of sunshine !

Hey there beautiful peeps, hope you're all feeling toasty warm, and the sun is shining, wherever you are in the world.
Still freezing here in perth, another zero degree celsius night last night.. Which means that there's not a lot of going out, but a lot of staying in with friends, huddled around the heater and eating copious amounts of delicious comfort food ! Perfect!
Anyway this photo was takn while a friend and i were adventuring through the city on the weekend. Poor Perth, I've been so busy I can't even think when the last time when i was ther, it's kind of turned into the kind of relationship you hav with the family pet when you move out, you don't see it as much, you miss it dearly, but when you do see it, it's as if nothing's changed. Ahh Perth, you loyal puppy, you always surprise me with something new to discover. Went to patricia piccinini's exhibition at the art gallery this trip- Wow. Where do i start. First off, that girl has some serioud talent, because my goodness, her creatures looked real! Pretty creepy looking, but when you saw them up close, they had a sort of innocence and gentleness to them, i'll post a pic of the igloo critter which i liked the best.. She'd also used vespa's and motorcycles as creatures, it was just insane !

All my love <3 Lily

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cream colour flower headband - Diva
Cream edwardian collar cotton top - Target
Leather short pleated pocket skirt - Dotti
Large crystal & metal beaded necklace - Portmans

photo taken in Fremantle

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sunny winter afternoons

Hey gorgeous readers! Hope you're feeling fantastic, wherever you are in the world! Sorry i've been so absent lately ! Thank you Kim so much for your support through the entire semester.. you seriously have no idea how big a difference you made, and how much it lifted my spirits when you posted that gaga link, i loved it !

So the weather here has been hilariously cold!! I say hilariously because that's all I can do, laugh about it. I think I've said it before, but you can think of Perth as having Californian weather. Right now though, we're being hit with tiny minimum temperatures like 3 and 5, and even colder in some spots. I'm so grateful to be in my new toasty warm house this winter especially!

There's still hardly ever clouds at the moment, which means that the nights are.. hmm, how shall I say - O.M.G. Are- you - absolutely - positive - we're - still- in -Perth- not- Antarctica?- cold. But it does mean during the day we get the beautiful winter sun beaming in and warming up the whole house. my fiance calls these fine winter days "hammock weather" ..perfect! Today the sun seemed to be generous with sharing it's warmth, so I made the most of it and outfit photo'd outside!

Peony Purple Tights - Myer (Columbine - these are super soft)
Beige striped top - Bonds
White Knit Cardigan - Cotton On
Peony Purple Transparent beaded necklace - Diva
Peony Purple headband - Diva

Sorry this is short, I'm super tired and was only staying up to watch the World Cup!! devastated, Brazil's been knocked out !

How's things in your parts of the world? Which team do you think will win the World Cup? What is your favourite animal? All my love, post again tomorrow, <3 Lily.