Friday, July 2, 2010

Sunny winter afternoons

Hey gorgeous readers! Hope you're feeling fantastic, wherever you are in the world! Sorry i've been so absent lately ! Thank you Kim so much for your support through the entire semester.. you seriously have no idea how big a difference you made, and how much it lifted my spirits when you posted that gaga link, i loved it !

So the weather here has been hilariously cold!! I say hilariously because that's all I can do, laugh about it. I think I've said it before, but you can think of Perth as having Californian weather. Right now though, we're being hit with tiny minimum temperatures like 3 and 5, and even colder in some spots. I'm so grateful to be in my new toasty warm house this winter especially!

There's still hardly ever clouds at the moment, which means that the nights are.. hmm, how shall I say - O.M.G. Are- you - absolutely - positive - we're - still- in -Perth- not- Antarctica?- cold. But it does mean during the day we get the beautiful winter sun beaming in and warming up the whole house. my fiance calls these fine winter days "hammock weather" ..perfect! Today the sun seemed to be generous with sharing it's warmth, so I made the most of it and outfit photo'd outside!

Peony Purple Tights - Myer (Columbine - these are super soft)
Beige striped top - Bonds
White Knit Cardigan - Cotton On
Peony Purple Transparent beaded necklace - Diva
Peony Purple headband - Diva

Sorry this is short, I'm super tired and was only staying up to watch the World Cup!! devastated, Brazil's been knocked out !

How's things in your parts of the world? Which team do you think will win the World Cup? What is your favourite animal? All my love, post again tomorrow, <3 Lily.

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