Monday, July 5, 2010

A little bit of sunshine !

Hey there beautiful peeps, hope you're all feeling toasty warm, and the sun is shining, wherever you are in the world.
Still freezing here in perth, another zero degree celsius night last night.. Which means that there's not a lot of going out, but a lot of staying in with friends, huddled around the heater and eating copious amounts of delicious comfort food ! Perfect!
Anyway this photo was takn while a friend and i were adventuring through the city on the weekend. Poor Perth, I've been so busy I can't even think when the last time when i was ther, it's kind of turned into the kind of relationship you hav with the family pet when you move out, you don't see it as much, you miss it dearly, but when you do see it, it's as if nothing's changed. Ahh Perth, you loyal puppy, you always surprise me with something new to discover. Went to patricia piccinini's exhibition at the art gallery this trip- Wow. Where do i start. First off, that girl has some serioud talent, because my goodness, her creatures looked real! Pretty creepy looking, but when you saw them up close, they had a sort of innocence and gentleness to them, i'll post a pic of the igloo critter which i liked the best.. She'd also used vespa's and motorcycles as creatures, it was just insane !

All my love <3 Lily

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  1. Hi Lily

    What a cute look this is! I love the dress with the over the knee socks!

    Did you see my short message a few posts ago?

    Hot here now finally!! :) I still miss Perth all the time, thanks for reminding me just how cool it is!! :D