Friday, July 16, 2010

New Grey Cable Knit Socks!

Looking quite excited here for two reasons - 1. Uni: managed to pull off some sweeet results! 2. New socks!! I have been looking for these babies (exactly) for - and I'm not even kidding - probably 2 years!

Anyway guys this is gonna be a short one - hope you're all having a wonderful, splendiferous time, wherever you are in the world !

All my love <3 Lily


  1. Oh I have shoes just like these Lily, I will have to try and find some gray knee-highs, they look great!!

    I think I have gotten into a bit of a sock rut, I only seem to wear the ones I make. You have seen those I guess on my blog Lily? They are not to everyone's taste but I like them! :D When I find sometime I am going to start to sell them on ebay or etsy. Who knows if I will sell any!! lol

    I was sorry to read about your friend a few posts back. While it was a sad topic to post about I found the information you posted very useful so thanks for taking the time to post it. I had wondered what you were studying, my background is not a million miles away in sociology. Psychology is a good field in this day and age to eventually seek work! :)

  2. I have to send you the pic I took of you at the Cupcake shop.. I think it turned out aiight!
    bye Lilz. hahaha

  3. Thanks Sam beautiful girl! I will upload it ! :) We need to adventure there again soon!

  4. Hey Kim!
    thank you so much for the compliment about my over the knees :) I'd been looking for some grey ones after spotting a girl wearing grey cable knit full tights on lookbook with a dress, super cute!

    I actually went back and bought another pair the same, I loved them so much! and a darker grey pair ( I think you can see them in the post with the black sequin beret from memory?)

    YOU SHOULD TOTALLY sell them on etsy Kim! your socks are super cute!! They take me back to a more innocent and wonder filled time! In fact I went to an etsy event today, " Made on the Left", sooo great -actually meeting the amazingly creative people who made all these beautiful things, handmade jewellry, aprons, little fabric stuffed elephants, handmade soaps, intricate and beautiful headbands. You should definitely start up an etsy store, you would do so well!

    Thanks petal for your condolences, it was a really tough time, but it really brought home that I need to make sure I make the most of each day. I think this will be his legacy :)

    I take my hat off to you big time, I did one unit of sociology and struggled big time, so much reading and work went into that one unit, I ended up having to let it go. Learned a crapload from that one unit though :) I love psych, I love that when people ask me what I do for a living, i'll be able to say " I help people when they need me the most, and make their lives happier and better" that's pretty cool :)

    Hope you're doing beautifully my dear!
    all my love, <3 Lily