Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to Uni

hey readers! Hope you've all been having a great time, wherever you are in the world :)

Anyway so uni has gone back for the semester - yay! but aw :( hahaha!
Semester two is my favourite semester, the days are getting longer, there's a lot more sun to be enjoyed, and a lot more hanging out at the tav, and it's the semester quite often that a bunch of us will ditch class and head to the beach :) bliss!

So good to be back, I can't tell you.. this is the last semester for a lot of my friends, so there's a real sense of " make these days count" around.. which is making it lots more fun and making us all spend more time with each other.. cue crazy times at the tavern which roll out to us all heading out ..(in the middle of the week too!) and stumbling in late to the lecture the next day looking very seedy!

I've got loads of outfit posts to put up - I'll try to upload them tomorrow, I won't promise I'll get it done today! take care guys, talk again soon

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  1. i am coming back to uni soon too, and i am so afraid, to be frank! new city, new people... but new challenges are motivating.
    wishing you a pleasant week!