Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cream colour flower headband - Diva
Cream edwardian collar cotton top - Target
Leather short pleated pocket skirt - Dotti
Large crystal & metal beaded necklace - Portmans

photo taken in Fremantle


  1. Hi Lily

    I love the colours in your last post, those tights are wonderful! I am going to try and find some for when it gets cooler here. I never thought I would be out of tights we had such a cold winter here but we finally have a summer!!We have even had time for a BBQ or two :D

    I have been spending lots of time in the US in the last few months and was there this week again. Now the weather there was just like Perth, it was 39 degrees and really dry. I had forgotten how nice it was to walk in the sun like that. I even have a bit of a tan!! omg!! :D I have been wearing socks a lot with heels and I have managed to get a sock tan... remember those from school!!! Not a good look :D

    We are planning a holiday today, so I have to run. But we have decided that its all about food and wine so I am sure we will go someplace in Europe. Keep you posted on that.

    I have not had time to do anything with my blog as I have been so busy with work. I will try and post some stuff today.

    Glad to hear your house move went well, the little bits we get to see do remind me of home.. the garden fence even is so Perth!! lol

    Catch you soon x

  2. Hey Kim!
    Oh i'm so happy at least one of us is warm and soaking up some sunshine!!

    The purple tights- So glad I got them, you'd be amazed at what they go with! straight after exams we went to Garden City (it's become a bit of a tradition now) It was so funny, when I saw these coloured tights, I squealed with excitement and then had to convince my friends to let me buy them (you know you have a problem when you're friends are putting their feet down like that!) In the end they became my " celebratory exam tights" I love that, they put me in such a good, that exam went really well.

    AgH! the US, u lucky girl! Whereabouts have you been going? is it for work or play? LOL at the very attractive sock tan!

    Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how much I am dying to travel to Europe at the moment, in particular Rome.. omgee.

    I'm so sorry I haven't replied til now, I do get your wonderful messages, it's just Im usually on my phone, so it's a bit harder than usual to reply !

    Anyway, All my Love,
    <3 Lily