Sunday, November 7, 2010

What a busy little week

Hey readers! hope you've all been laughing lots and spending lots of time with the people you love, wherever you are in the world.

This week
1. Shared an ipad with a total stranger on the train and watched Family Guy together

2. Fire burnt down one of my favourite little hideaway spots with a pretty little walkway :(

3. Sam slept over (

4. Discovered my favourite flavour pistachio gelati is sold in tubs at a shop super closeby!

5. late night shopping was introduced, which means now I can ride Bluebell down to the shops at like 7, when the sun is just going down and enjoy my favourite time of the day even more :)

6. Wrote 2 essays - my LAST EVER assignments aside from my dissertation :D
7. Discovered a really pretty bottle-o has been down the road all this time and I had no idea. <3 <3 <3 discovering cool new things
8. Worked a bit. Had a guy try to pick me up twice and told me my fiance would never have to know. Cheers Enrique Iglesias for that one..
9. Went to macdonald's almost everyday of the week - stress eating clearly kicking in. Got two free bigmac/quarter pounder vouchers because it took longer than 3 minutes to get my food.
10. had a brush with an angry German Shepard when I didn't notice I was walking on it's driveway.. who knew stuff from Bear Gryll's worst case scenario would ever be useful? Cheers Bear, ur even more of a hero !

11. Did a photoshoot with my photographer friend and got to be 3 different shades of lily. -photos coming soon if he lets me- i'd love to share them with you guys
12. Shopped a little - new pretty dress and new work shoes to add to the wardrobe

13. Discovered cadbury have a limited edition strawberries and cream chocolate, it's fantastic!Just like strawberry freddos mmm

14. Tuesday was Melbourne Cup day! the race that stops the nation ! no wins this year, unlucky :)


  1. Hi Lily

    Another dose of home thanks to you!!! :) The fire reminds me of when I was little, I think its the empty block of land on the photo! There always seemed to be loads of them! :)

    Cute cup look! :) Its getting colder and darker here every day, its now dark by five PM!! How sad is that.

    Great news on the essays, I remember how that felt!! :)

    Off to the US again this week, I hope I get a chance to do a little shopping :)

    later Lily x

  2. Hey darling, so sorry it's been so long between posts! I try to post more home pictures now cos of you, it's quite funny

    Oh shame, I have to say, the other night we had one of those fantastic balmy Perth nights and I felt so happy not to be in winter.. says me who's going over to Seattle in Dec ! no, Christmas will be lovely in winter, even though I've grown up with Bbqs and swims on christmas day, there is just something that feels right about a cold winter's day and a warm roast, sitting by the fire opening presents :)

    hmm, now it's just onto exams! <3 All my love sweetheart, Love lily

  3. Hi Lily

    Its been months since I have posted. I am never home these days and when I am I dont seem to have much time for the internet and its attactions! So I know how you feel! :D

    So a huge thanks from me for all the Perth shots you post, I really do love to see them. One thing that always strikes me when I come home is how blue and how HUGE the sky is. Nothing compares to a clear Perth day.

    Seattle is a cool place, it has a great vibe and a great live music culture. Its not a huge city but its very welcoming. And no one does holidays like the Americans. Christmas in the US is pretty much how you see it on the movies! lol I hope you have the best time Lily and pack an empty suit case for the shopping!!

    I love the dress too!!

    Good luck with the exams XX

  4. This is the best post everrrrrrrr