Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hey gorgeous readers ! So excited, so much to tell you! Phuket/Malaysia was ammmaaazing, i feel so blessed to hav been able to visit such beautiful places with such astounding scenery that you just don't get in Perth! First stop malaysia, and first thing off the plane - coffee bean and tea leaf for a ice blended chai mate ( said mah- tay) how i wish they had a coffee bean and tea leaf here in Perth, i would travel everyday to have that little cup of sunshine in my life ! Hearing the man giving me my tea, saying terima kasih, and i'm already loving the place silly.i remember reading eat pray love, elizabeth gilbert was talking about travelling, and about loving it so much that she just didnt care what it put her through, how sick it made her. This is exactly the way i feel. I love everything about travelling, I love the people, i love the way different things hav different words, i love all the different scenes, soaking up the culture as i physically can, the food.. Oh the food! my gosh,ate myself silly the whole time i was there, my fiance must have been embarassed at how much i ate ! We worked out the other day that by the end of the year i will hav clocked up over 20 flights, not bad for someone who's not the calmest flyer in the world ! Having already been to malaysia this year, it was great to go and be able to show fiance around, and im sure now, that there is no other feeling in the world quite like knowing where you are in a completely different country, where it's a completely different language. There's something so deep down satisfying about it, even the little things like being able to recognise the word 'tandas' which means toilet, just gives me a kick. Went back to petronas twin towers, and i didnt think it possible, but those towers looked even prettier than in my memories ! We actually got to see them from the sky as we were coming in to kl airport, which was sooo cool, and saw genting in the highlands, where i went for a while last time too ! Fiance agreed that they were the most beautiful buildings he'd ever seen, aftr a heap of photos, off we went down to the aquaria, where i got to watch fiance's eyes light up with amazement at the size of the bugs, the stargate atlantis looking crabs, and squirm at the thought of having fish eat his feet ! Hahaha it was fantastic jam packed day, the shopping was unbelievable, chinese markets highly recommended ! Monorail was so fun but so packed! bullet train back to the airport, onto phuket, and night swim b4 slipping into our bath robes and hotel slippers.. Bliss! Part 2 coming soon

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  1. Lovely post Lily! I love that part of the world too. And its such easy traveling from Perth. Please please post up some photos!!

    I am desperate for a holiday, like you I have been flying loads, every week almost to somewhere but all for work. I have had no time for my blog (or much else) but I do look in on your blog every week to see what you have been up to :D

    Please please post up some holiday photos!!! :D And I am looking forward to part II.

    Its getting cold here in London now, we had last week the last of the warm weather. One last go at sun and bare legs but not this week, we have the heating on in the house and its raining. Trying to think positive about it I had a small smile when I put my uggs on (in the house not outside I am an Aussie after all) and my feet were toasty. I do love autumn and winter fashions and I am excited for some change.

    Later Lily x :D

    PS - food up there... OMG!!! Laksa is my fave, hotter the better!!