Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Hope you've all been having a fantastic day, and aren't feeling too sick from the copious amounts of chocolate you munched down, unlike me..oops!

the traditional Easter egg had to be postponed til after lunch today, who would have thought that our first WET day would be on Easter Sunday? Oh well, just as is the way in Perth, we had about 10 minutes of rain before beautiful sunshine started bursting through the clouds once again :)
Such a fantastic day, all over the place spending time with close friends and relatives. One of my close friends who I did photos for a while back gave me a copy of a few of them, yay! Here's just a glimpse

Anyway, I'll post what I wore tomorrow, when I feel like getting out of my new pj's and the lighting's a bit better!

All my love <3 Lily


  1. Hi Lily

    Happy Easter to you too!! :)

    Yep too many eggs here!! :)

    I cant wait to see the rest of your photos and I love the look in the photo below. Fun tights!! Where did you get them? :D

    Everything look so brown (including you! :) ) It must have been a long summer?

    Kim X

  2. The "photo below" btw was the lookbook posting at the bottom of each page! :)

    So I figured out where the tights were from.. ;) doh! lol

  3. It was a superr long summer, not that I minded, because it meant I didn't really miss too much being away for December :)

    I'm super brown now, through no intention of my own, apparently Norwegians are known for this though, in fact I don't really like being this brown! Check out my legs in the next post with me holding a cup of hot chai!

    Yay you figured out the tights thing, yeah I've decided to jump back on lookbook, just as something fun :)

    is the weather warming up nicely up there?

  4. OMG yes this weekend has been fantastic!! Every day over Easter it has been over 20 and Friday was 26 :D Its early for this warm weather Lily so fingers crossed that it lasts. One thing I love about Perth is when you get up in the morning in the summer you know if its sunny it will stay that way!! Or if you say come over for a BBQ on the weekend that it wont, its not like that in London! :D

    So I had likely the first weekend since last year when I did not wear tights just bare legs and that was fantastic. I can never get as brown as I did in Perth (not that I ever tried for super dark)there is just not the warm weather to bare your legs here, even for someone who likes to wear dresses and skirts more often then jeans or trousers.

    On your wedding dress I am guessing it wasn't just price that you saw the difference with in the US but the range... that's the thing with America for me is there is so much choice with everything?

    Right off to make breakie :) Have a good week :D

  5. ps.. loving your new little photo! :D

  6. haha it's a bit corny, but glad u like it, just thought I'd mix it up, and flowers in my hair seem to be my thing :)your picture is totally you, i love that!

    The range in America compared to Perth is crazy, Perth stores totally have a monopoly and they all seem to start looking the same after a while, all very safe, all very similar design.

    I actually only went for an appointment at Luly Yang to get a start, get an idea of what suited me and go from there, then I put on the dress. Only the 4th one, walked out and everyone just gasped. Instantly, I knew it was the one. You can probably even guess which one it is from her collection, because it's very me - delicate and feminine pretty things.. oh and my background colour doesn't give it away AT all ! ;)

    I'm totally the same, i was going through my closet the other day and realised I may just have a slight dress and skirt addiction! One of my friends at uni spent the break in Italy last year (Summer there)and he said it was beautiful, the sun was warm but never burning like here, I guess the sun really is harsh here!

    Tonight we randomly just had rain, but all day there's been barely a cloud! You're so right, I've said so many times that Perth knows when it's a weekend and brings out the good weather !
    off to bed xoxoxo
    All my love,