Monday, April 18, 2011

Adele - and magic music moments with Alexandra Patsavas

Just thought I'd share with you guys, in love with this song at the moment.. some people are just born ridiculously talented!

They used this song on Grey's the other night too, thanks to another ridiclously talented girl: the music supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas: i.e. Music Goddess <3 Ever since the O.C. I've been blown away at her most amazing gift for taking a scene and transforming it with music.. If you've ever had a beautiful tv moment, it may just have been her behind it -

I won't say the bit where this song was used, cos it hasn't aired in Australia yet, but be prepared for goosebumps!

Other Alexandra moments:

A HUGE one for Grey's fans - Chasing Cars - Issy and Denny

Gossip girl fans - That moment we waited almost a whole season for: the moment Chuck says I love you


The O.C. fans - this time we cried for different reasons - End of Season One - Ryan leaves newport, leaving everyone in pieces


And then, there is this one..

true love - Meredith and Derek.

there are more romantic scenes, but this was the moment I realised that it was true love between them, and that I really HAD found mine in my fiancée, after struggling for so long questioning how I could have found my true love so early in life (we're high school sweethearts). It's not just the times that you are madly into each other which defines true love, but these moments, when things aren't going great, when you're in too deep, where everything gets too much, and the other person pulls you through. The moment I saw the way Derek care for Meredith here, I realised that that's what my fiancée and I have.. and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him by my side.

I hope you all find that amazing, heartbeat rushing, tummy falling, meaningful, nothing else matters true love, wherever you are in the world :)

<3 Lily


  1. Sometimes it is harder when you have met so young but it is so worth treasuring as it can be so painful to walk away only to realize later you will never again meet someone so perfect or a love so beautiful.Fiona