Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Matt and Kim - Daylight

Heard this on the mars ad, I dare you to listen and not start tapping your toes :D
Thank God for google.. can you imagine how hard it would be to find out what this song was if the internet didn't exist?
Hope you're all well, just thought I'd brighten your day a bit

<3 Lily


  1. I don't think your little photo is corny at all! I think its rather sweet!! :)

    Do you really think mine is okay? I have been thinking about changing it but it is me, I wear those frilly socks I make at least one day a week! My friends think I am crazy lol :D I still think about making enough socks to sell on etsy…one day….. one day! :)

    Perth Shopping, Its been a few years since I left Lily but up until a few years ago I was back a couple of times a year for work I would take a Saturday and spend it in Perth, Subi, Claremont or Freo… if you wanted clothes for work it seemed really easy (I used to be a country road girl… not any more!) but anything with an edge or anything pretty or delicate seemed so hard to find… And if you did find something a bit unusual it cost loads. Has much changed in the few years since I have been home? How about Vintage, much happening there, I can imagine Leederville or My Lawley being the place for Vintage or is that just me hoping its the case! :D :D

    When you went through your closet did it worry you that it was mostly dresses and skirts? I think jeans and trousers seem to last a a season or so longer than dresses do. I don't buy much in the UK, I wait mostly for trips to the US. But I do like Zara and H&M here. From the US, its lingerie from VS, shoes from anywhere but I do like Steve Madden and tights by Hue at Macys. As I said before I seem to end up looking like I am off Glee or Gossip Girl most of the time… (I wish!!!) :D :D…

    TIme for one more little bit of reading and then dinner. Thanks for the chat and I will catch you soon! X

  2. the shoes are TOTALLY you, I love them, I have a pair of thin t bar mary janes which I wish I'd bought another pair of, I wear them soo much!

    Still sunny as anything here, " Sunniest April on Record" this has me worried because I'm thinking the seasons will need to do some catching up later on.. hopefully this is all fine by October!

    At the moment, I only really buy clearance stuff here, the quality to price ratio just isn't there, and it doesn't make much sense to buy something middle range here, when I can go over to the US and buy what is seen here as high end, and much better quality. So here I usually find myself getting the simple staples, like cotton singlets from Cotton On and workwear from Portmans, scarves from Witchery or CR, but more and more things are coming from my travels..

    The only exception is Forever New. My gosh. that may be the only store in the world that I have yet to come out empty handed.. it's super feminine dresses and floral prints, basically everything that's lovely about being a girl, might put some pictures up of the clutch I've been eyeing off for the wedding, it's amazing!

    Shoes - again, no point shopping in Aus when I can go to the US and pick up Steve Maddens, definitely my favourite shoe label of the moment, and I'm the exact same, all my latest lingerie is coming from VS, especially when it's about a third the cost of Bonds!

    Would give a left leg just about for Quinn's and Blair's closets, and Rachel's sometimes too XD

    OOh vintage is having a bit of an emergence at the moment, with quirky stuff popping up everywhere too, very nice, but Mt Lawley is still the number 1 spot for hipsters, and individual kinds of things, also etsy is going nuts here, especially because Aussie dollar is sitting at 1.08 or 1.09 right now :)

    talk again soon!