Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday nights are made for yummy dinners and great docos

Hey awesome readers, hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and all made the most out of the spectacular sunny days if you're in Perth right now.. I especially enjoyed mine because now I can seeeee! cheers for that Alex Perry ;) champion !

I was saying just a few posts ago to one of my adorablllleee followers Kim - it's so strange how Perth seems to know it's a weekend, and brings out the sunshine especially. My mum would delight in these "perfect washing days".. so any wonder what I did today?

sad to think some of these bright clothes will soon be neatly folded away until next spring..

Went on an adventure/road trip last night with our best neighbours ever to Spud Shed... or rather spudshed as it says on the sign ( fiancée delights in calling it spudshed, like spudged). Yep, this is what my saturday night excitement has now turned into.. someone pass me my knitting needles and my crossword puzzle please :D

To anyone else anywhere else in the world, this wouldn't be so exciting, but Spudshed is the only store I know of in Perth ( barring Mt. Lawley Chemist) which is open 24 hours a day. These places just don't exist in Perth..actually while you're grabbing my crossword, mind getting one for Perth too.. oh never mind, she's sleeping :D no, I really do love the littleness of Perth. ;)

After having a delicious spud shed salad and tuscan chicken dinner, fiancee and I attempted to unwind with a bbc doco.. All I can say is .. oh.. my .. god..

I will never complain about how hard it is to decide what to have for dinner again..

Or about how long it takes to by public transport to get to Uni..

And I will NEVER ever complain about the waves washing away the walls of my sandcastles..

All my love guys!!


Oh and just quickly, I'm slightly obsessed with what Kate Middleton wore to the wedding dinner.. even more so than her wedding dress.. gorgeous much??? Jeez..


  1. Hey Lily

    One day of the weekend to go for us here, its a public holiday this Monday! :D Loving these two four day weekend we have had… and its been HOT… wait for it… 24… yes 24 degrees! lol. But that was meant some sun on the legs and I do think a tiny tiny bit of colour! woohoo! :D

    Did you see my comments on your Matt and Kim Daylight post? Aside from asking about my little picture I was talking about shopping there and it got me to thinking about how much is open in London and also in NYC out of "normal" shopping hours… or "normal" as I remember them on a Sunday in Perth! :D I remember that late night chemist in Mt Lawley and there used to be one on Scab'o Beach Road too from memory :) How crazy to get these little reminders of Perth from you, they always make me smile. :D

    When I left WA spudshed was not around, is it a deli type food place or a supermarket? Is there more than one?

    Right onto important things…. your glasses…. totally LOVE THEM!!! and I agree 1000% about the Wedding dinner dress… I would love that dress and the cute little shrug/cardi Kate is wearing too! :D I watched the wedding on TV even though we live so so close to that end of London and the Abbey, it was just crazy busy and we figured we would see more from the TV! :D :D

    Have a great week. X

  2. Hi Lily, so excited to find another Perth blogger:)...I must be having a ditzy day but I can't figured out how to follow your blog lol!!


  3. @Toots - I know I love it when you find people from perth on blogs or lookbook !

    So glad I'm not the only girl who has ditzy days ! it's all the way up the top on the menu bar, thanks for wanting to follow me!
    take care, Lily

  4. @Kim -

    - I can't believe you guys get a long weekend! is this especially because of the wedding?
    Also: cant believe u didnt venture into the kajillions of people crowd to watch the parade! altho i heard people had been camping out for dayyys and that's a little bit nuts! plus it looked like it would have been better on tv, not many people got close, and what would u do during the ceremony??

    I've started looking for a shrug like it for my wedding now, if u see one online somewhere sweetheart, please let me know!!

    ahaha I'm not sure whether or not i should tell you what today's temperature was ;) it was a beautiful sunny day, again - and I only have a month of study to go, I need gloomy days to keep me inside, nooo!

    all my love, Lily

  5. lol, you can tell I'm new to all this. I never even saw that before:)

    Thanks lovely