Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Forever New Autumn Collection 2011 - LOVE

Found this on fashionising.com, and just had to share ! The last two are my absolute favourites !

<3 Lily


  1. Forever New are just fabulous and my fave shop. They always have something wonderful that fits even us bigger ladies. Thanks for sharing. Fiona

  2. Hi Lily

    I love the last dress! omg its spectacular! I would love that, I am going to take a look online at it. I also love the shorts in the first outfit, :D

    So many things in your last post to say "congrats" to!!! But the best is the supervisor meeting, a great outcome its nice when things come off like that. Makes all the effort seem worth it (well it did for me! ;) ) :) :) Oh that and the earmuffs! ;) Tres cute!! :D

    Your comment about freezing.... I still do that even in London except for maybe not as long lol The first hint of sun and I am there, shorts and sandals!! And I must be the very last person to dress warmer! :)

    And thats such an Aussie look, the photo of you in the cardie in the bush, thats my exact weekend look at the moment :D :D

    Last thought and I am off to bed... in the US so crazy jet lagged. I too loved the Faraway tree but I think my real favorites were the Famous Five books...


  3. This is my favourite shop in Australia! I always visit them when I return home to Sydney... thanks for sharing and for checking out my blog! N xxx