Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happiness is.. an unexpected win!..

Hey readers! Sorry I didn't reply earlier I've been busy having too much fun to slow down! and Gosh, I've got so much to tell you!!

Friday was such an awesome day - Spent the day with bestie Sam ( getting stuff for mummy's day and all round just yayying at all the cool stuff we found at the shops..found a navy blue trench I'm totally in love with at Forever New (OF course it's from FN!) AND discovered they have not only my white patterned tights which I wore to death last winter ( when does a shop ever restock an item the next year? - MAJOR kudos ) but now they have all these other cute patterns too, pretty bows and flowers..

In the afternoon Sam and I went exploring and discovered the bush nearby is actually huge! and there are trees which look perfect for climbing, and secret tunnels! As a kid I was always up a tree reading, did any of you guys climb trees as kids? Cheers to my little sis for the lend of grey cardi :)

Ooh ooh and - I found earmuffs!! Honestly, I have been trying to track down earmuffs since I was in the cloudy heavens of Genting ( Highlands near Kuala Lumpur) last year and missed out on getting a super cute pair of strawberry ones.. Thank you Equip, my year long search is over :D

One thing I should say about Perth - and I'm sure Toots from and Kim from - Perth loves the fact that it's a place with such great weather so much so that when we do have crap weather, Perth people live in denial and dress like it's still summer, and we all just freeze our little butts off! Try getting a Perth girl out of short shorts - we'll just throw on a big hoodie and keep our shorts on .. so finding earmuffs, even though Perth is quite windy - is a huge win =D

meeting with my supervisor went awesome ! Always dread my meetings because I'm reallllly not so good on the attention being on me stuff.. I'll let you know how this works out for me going down the aisle - hilarious!
Anyway, we did the normal meeting stuff..and THEN I asked her when she wanted my lit review final copy in.. and she just shrugs and says in a sentence that seemed in my mind to go forever.. " well, as your supervisor, as far as I'm concerned, you've met the only unit outline requirement which mentions the lit review and that's handing in a draft.. So I don't see any reason why you shouldn't just get it to me.. January sometime?"

Cue the fireworks, cos this lit review, was kicking my ass. big time.

And more fireworks, was going through my stuff and found my old Enid Blyton books! Did you guys read Enid Blyton as a kid?? What was your favourite book? what do you remember? I'll always remember the faraway tree, a magic tree which would have a new land at the top every time, and the magic wishing chair! I loved her books so much as a littley, mum would always find me hidden away somewhere, in a tree or under a cubby made of sheets, off in my own little world.. Very excited about rediscovering them = )

Hope that you're enjoying days like this, wherever you are in the world :)

<3 Lily

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  1. hmmm I have a feeling I posted but it didn't actually post...shame!!!!


    I totally agree about the weather. I just don't plan on it being cold and often get caught out. I'd seriously dress in summer clothes all year if there weren't people in my life telling me to dress warm hehe!!

    The earmuffs are adorable, I want some:)

    and how crazy about the Enid Blyton posts lol, those were the best books ever!!! :)