Friday, April 1, 2011

the little things!

Suuuuch good weather - I love you March!! It's the little moments that bring me the most happiness. Yesterday I rode down to the lake, just to have some time to myself,sat down by the shore with my toes dipped in, and tiny baby fish - or tadpoles, but I'm pretty sure little fish, started nibbling on me, just like the fish in Phuket that you always see in those big tanks in shopping centres - so cool! I stayed as still as I could and just watched them for what must have been forever, because I stayed there so long that a dragonfly landed on my knee. It made me so happy it turned my whole week around, which was good, cos the day before my bestie and I were VERY nearly in a head on collision - after a 4wd fire truck decided to roar into our lane to overtake.

Also got new glasses - I'm in love - Sam helped me choose them - gorgeous gold colour by Alex Perry.. now if only I could own a few of his dresses! It's funny, I feel like my wedding dress is quite Alex Perryish - very feminine with ah-mazing construction.. I can't wait to show you guys.. I just wish my fiance didn't read my blog so I could share..
but I can tell you the lady making my dress is Seattle designer Luly Yang, and it's a 2011 collection.

Oh and on the way home from my magical lake feet dipping experience, I bought a new plant - her name is Cynthia, she's an indoorsy, and I'm quietly smitten :)

Hope you're all having an amazing time, wherever you are in the world !

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  1. Those glasses would so suit you! Lovely choice :)

    Can't wait to see you in your wedding dress - you gorgeous lady! I have already started planning my outfit for your big day haha