Thursday, March 18, 2010

Autumn mornings

Hey guys! Hope you are going wonderfully wherever you are in the world ! Thank you so much for your comments on my last post, can't tell you how happy it makes me to have people say nice things about the outfits from all different corners of the globe. When I started this blog I had no real idea that people would be able to find me (aside from my weardrobe link), i figured I's just be a tiny "blip" on the horizon of this huge internet, so cheers to all my lovely readers, I love you guys!

Marta, I know exactly what you mean, last year here it seemed like forever before spring had truly sprung! But i bet Polish spring is spectacular, and will be worth the wait!

Kim, I had to laugh, I am probably the least tanned of all my friends at the moment, but yeah, living in Perth you inevitably get some colour. I remember once I came back from Fiji, quite proud of how golden I'd gotten while away, and no-one even noticed because I just looked the same as everyone else! :)

Anyway so here in Perth it's just starting to hit that time of year where you get dressed in autumn clothes because it's freezing in the morning, and by the time the afternoon rolls around, you're searching for your short shorts. But I have to say, I'm liking the change and autumn does make for some super adorable outfits! Like this one my gorgeous friend at uni came to class wearing! It was soo cute I just had to ask her if I could share it with you guys too, bless! How seriously pretty is she as well can I add?! She'll be so embarassed when she reads this!

Still on the whole teapot pose thing, sorry about this, I plan on teaming up with my friend Sam ( who also happens to have a secret blog that none of our friends know about, aren't we hilarious?) and shooting a whole lot of photos from what I've been wearing over the week.

Post again soon,
<3 always Lily


  1. Sorry everyone, I can't get the computer to upload photos, get it fixed asap !

  2. Remember when you were at school and you had a "sock tan" and how white your feet could end up if you didn't watch out for it...?? Well that is the colour I am now all over, semi translucent! :)

    We have had our first "warm" days here and its been about eight degrees!! I remember eight degrees in Perth would be a crazy cold morning! :) We are a loooong way from shorts here, except with thick tights and even that is cold still!

    Its funny how these blogs can link people together, and often for me it could be the comment someone posts or the little profile picture that I will click on. That is why with mine I tried to find something different to use out of my photos. Yours I think is the same! :D

  3. you're right, spring in poland is unusual - especially in march weather is crazy, however, it makes the season to be so exeptional. besides, complaining is a typical polish vice. qwe are never satisfied at all :D bloggin gives me lots of pleasure as well - i would like to improve my language skills and what is more important, meet some incredible people like you! what's more, i still on a style search - my blog is some sort of insight into fashion and all the stuff connected. wishing you a nice day :))

  4. the photos haven't been here before!gorgeous outfits! i love the first one especially :)

  5. Omg and how exciting!
    Im gonna make you do some crazy poses!
    Ill be like Tara from Americas next top model.

  6. mm I love autumn. I like the top outfit with the hat. sweet blog :)

  7. ahaha Kim hilarious girl! I totally remember the good old sock tan! Now I think it's just been replaced with the ballet-flat-tan, I had to laugh the other day when I noticed it wearing my peeptoes! and yes, I love your cute shoes as your picture,they're my favourite pick!lol I feel bad for thinking 12 is unbearably cold now! 8 degrees my goodness! I remember once when I visited london, being shocked at girls wearing skirts in the middle of june when it was 14 outside. Now i understand ;)

    Marta, you are so cute and down to earth! One of my great friends from uni has Polish heritage, so it's funny you should say that, he was never happy with his assignment mark :D You should feel very proud, you language skills are amazing, I can only speak a tiny amount of a few other languages, nothing good enough to write in though! I am far from incredible, but you are delightfully sweet! Glad you like the photos, it's always a bit nerveracking putting pictures up :)

    Sam: hells yes girl, only you have to promise to talk like her too, complete with head and hand actions! <3

    Chlo, welcome and thank you! it was very ill planned, so I'm happy to hear you like it. adore the name of yoour blog and sounds I share a love of yellow with you too :)

    Take care, <3 Lily