Monday, March 29, 2010

I Love You gateaux and Earth Hour!

Hey beautiful readers! Hope you're all well and the sun is shining, wherever you are in the world ! :D Hope you all had an awesome weekend!

Slightly stressful one today, got a call from our builder to say " Sorry, we couldn't get the carpet you'd chosen, so could you come choose something else? By the way, it's being layed on Thursday, so it needs to happen.. pretty..much.. now. This afternoon.(it was already 2pm at this stage!) Fun all round! On the positive side though, we were able to get some beautiful carpet which I ended up liking a lot more than what we had originally chosen <3 ! AND since we were particularly close, we made a quick trip into ikea and look what I discovered they make - isn't this the cutest? It was super delicious too, reminder to self : next time, grab a few!

And so the other night was Earth Hour too! Did you guys all get involved? Did you go over friend's houses for it? I love Earth Hour, we always have it at our house, my friend Sam had never heard about it, (do you own a tv Sam? xoxoxo) so even though we had just all had our own much longer version of Earth hour ( try 30 hours!) we all jumped in wholeheartedly, and under the now very familiar veil of candlelight, made up games which we played the whole night. :) This is what life is all about, enjoying the moments, eating delicious food and spending time with the ones you care about :) Happy twirl <3

Having to mix and match much more than usual with a decent amount of my clothes now boxed up, but anyhow, this is what I wore today - Light Fedora by Portmans, Havana Red Singlet top from Cotton On, white " Richie Rich" short shorts from Dotti, Necklace from Myer (Accessory Company) and Patterned Cellini bag :) The other outfit I was going for a really simple, laidback style for a casual day at uni before I hit the tav with mates - just a pink singlet from Target, the white short shorts again ( like I said - mix and matching) along with my white Portmans bag and my super comfy baby pink Roxy thongs.

The beautiful sunny days aren't making it any easier for me to get motivated for studying, is this why the tav is so full at the moment?.. ahhh Summer..
I wish you would never leave.

<3 always Lily xoxoxo

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  1. Cool news on your move. Its such a pain to have everything boxed up but at the same time so exciting that it is!! :D

    Keep posting the summer photos! It is still cold here in London and I could do with as my Perth sun as you can send! :)

    I have been so busy with work I have not had a single chance to post anything on my blog as sad as that sounds.

    I love your hat photo! Fab outfit and really summer cute!

    Catch you soon! :D