Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The day that was..

This was actually 4pm in the afternoon !

Sorry this is short, but I'm just doing a quick post at uni ( because it's the only place at the moment where I have power!)
So some of you who live in Australia would have heard, but others of you around the world probably didn't. Yesterday about 3:30, Our sweet little city of Perth found itself trapped between 2 giant storm cells, and the destruction left in its wake at it's peak saw 200,000 homes without power, 180 traffic lights out across the metropolitan area, landslides, flash flooding, and the most spectacular lightning show I have ever seen (think War of the Worlds - not kidding), not to mention so much rain that just near my new house there were cars literally floating down the street! Absolutely insane to be caught up in it. At one point my fiance and I were just sitting in front of the window laughing at how ridiculous it all was. It felt as though someone was literally pouring down a huge bucket of water over our house, i couldn't believe how much water it threw down. This is a photo down the street of one of my friends, Sam (http://lovelybreakdown.weebly.com) - isn't that crazy!
Anyway, I'll finish this post off after class, but I just thought I would jump on and show you guys some of the carnage!

This photo is of the library at the University of W.A. There is a beautiful hall there with the most amazing stained windows, and I was very sad to hear they has all been smashed by the wind during the storm, which hit 128 kms an hour.

All photos courtesy of the West newspaper


  1. Woah.
    It was a crazy mother F of a Storm.
    My GOSH.

    Ha, I dont have work today cause the store is flooded.. HAH!

  2. I heard from most of my friends, they are all okay thank god. What a mess. The only positive thing I can think of it happened in the daytime.

    Glad to hear you guys are okay too.

  3. the most important - you're ok! initially i wanted to express my delight with the first pic (love thunder), but reading the text i realized that it wasn't so thrilling!!!