Sunday, March 14, 2010

Summer's not over just yet!

Have I already mentioned how much I love March ?! what a beautiful weekend! Hope you had as much fun as i did! Seem to be on a bit of a domestic thing at the moment, Over the weekend I made a big hot fudge brownie which didn't even survive the day, (eep, havta run that one off later!) and ! guess what? I handmade my first card! Nothing too flash, and I really need to learn how to cut straighter, but hey, thought I'd share anyway.

I just also want to say to you guys my readers, thanks so much for all of your beautiful comments, I can't tell you all how much it makes my day when I see someone from near or far commenting on a post, and from all the corners of the world! I'm truly touched and feel so lucky to have met such awesome people :)

Take care guys, and I'll post again soon!

Hope you're having a beautiful day, wherever you are in the world <3 Lily


  1. I love those two skirts in these photos! They are fab and very me also! You look great Lily! :)

    Send some sun over will you please. I need to get a tan too! :D

  2. Oh and I meant to say the pink top is hot too! :)

  3. great outfits!! especially the middle one :) i love that skirt

  4. i love all the presented outfit! polish spring is very reluctant to come - everything around is still covered with snow. i am craving for more sun!

  5. you put the photo of me up! haha dangnammit I hate photos of myself lol nah it's all good. i am honoured that my outfit was deemed awesome enough for your blog! hells yeah! your blog is awesome son!
    i put this as anonymous coz the thing screwed up and wouldn't let me use my livejournal id but you know who it is haha

  6. Haha you're right Kim, they are very you! Took me what seemed like forever to find black skirts which didn't seem to accentuate my hips, so cheers, glad you like them! Can't really see them very well, I'll try to remember to reshoot a closer shot of them :) and you're so sweet, I was just thinking i looked really tired :)

    Thanks Dani, I totally didn't expect anyone to say the outfits were "great" you just made my day :)

    Marta- you still have snow in March! WOW! Australia barely gets any snow ( as you could probably tell by our performance at Vancouver :P)

    P - my gorgeous gorgeous girl - I have never in my life seen you look bad! ahahah awesome enough for MY blog? If anything your outfit brings it up! See you at uni

    <3 Lily