Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So long laptop, it's been fun!

So I'm supposed to be putting up a photo with this, but I'm going to fess up with you guys.. I broke my laptop the other day in the most blonde way possible. Yep, bye bye screen, bye bye sitting on the bed or the couch uploading pics, and bye bye to my way of uploading them from my phone via bluetooth,have to go to mum's. Shit.

At uni today and I'm sure a lot of you fashion bloggers will know exactly what I'm talking about, when you have to ask someone if they can take a photo.. and there's this tiny awkward moment where you're left pointing to some random garden or some kind of dull concrete wall and the girl or guy you're asking is looking at you like.. "you want a photo of the wall?".. and you know it's coming, you have to say it "it's for my fashion blog". I suppose I'm getting used to it, but it still makes my heart race every time.I suppose it's because I don't really see myself as being terribly fashionable. Had the most gorgeous girl take this one, she was so enthusiastic it just brightened my whole day up.
Anyway, it's off to class.. sigh.. summer really is over.

Hope you're having a wonderfully bright day, wherever you are in the world,
<3 Lily


  1. Great outfit :)
    Perfect for this weather!!!
    Dont know if you'll be interested, but take a look at the top on my giveaway. Maybe you'll win :)
    http://clashingtime.blogspot.com/2010/03/my-card-is-crying.html <3

  2. i'm jealous that you're enjoying such warm weather. i'm craving for the sun! you look lovely, this is a perfcet summer outfit. i love the hat!

  3. Hey girl!

    Thanks for stopping by :) I love this outfit. it's super cute. Very girly yet fashionable.

    Take care<3 hope to hear from you soon :)