Friday, March 12, 2010

West Coast Blues and Roots

March seriously has to be one of my favourite months of the year. In Perth, the summer seems to last 4 months, it only starts to cool off really in April, which means lots of summer fun can be had til then. So many awesome things happen in March: Sculptures, The Mandurah crab fest (a quirky little fair my fiance and I do as a bit of a tradition), Unwrapped, all the Uni events, March is my kind of month. And uni work never seems to be too hectic in March, that's always a plus. People are all back from flying all around the world, so tend to have lots of catch ups this time of year too :D

But the big one for me is West Coast Blues and Roots music festival and OMG Angus and Julia Stone, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Lisa Mitchell, JB trio, crowded house are playing and try-to-breathe-normally-again, soo excited! The only thing that could have made it better would be if Sarah Blasko or Emiliana Torrini were there too.. I was absolutely devastated that I couldn't go to this year's Southbound music festival, there were so many amazing artists (including Sarah and Emiliana) and my friends and I were planning to do the whole experience, camping and all! But alas, I flew out to Singapore then.. some of us have it tough, huh?

Today's outfit was pretty simple, cropped Miss Shop White Jacket with a grey and white striped singlet top, jade stone necklace from Diva and black Jeanswest short shorts, the shoes are just patent grey buckle ballet flats from Kmart and cost me a tiny $10! My fiance made me go to the shops and get a new pair of flats, my others were looking far too "loved" shall we say! anyway little blogbees, hope you're enjoying life, wherever you are in the world <3 Lily


  1. I love Sarah and Emiliana too!!! The line up for the festival sounds really cool. Any other artists you like that have the same vibe please let me know as its hard to find good Aussie music here. :)

    Post up the photos, your making me homesick! :D

  2. Please follow my new blog on the link below and share your experiences with blogging bullying and show your support - <3

    Also, If you have any free time, then please do a post to show your support, but only if you have enough time.

  3. Pip, You are amazing hun! such an inspiration, not only to me, but so many people! We love you and your blog so much, sorry to hear you've been targeted by cowardly jealous types. I hope that all the love we have for u more than makes up for it :)

    <3 <3 <3 Good on you for showing what people said, exposing them and more importantly, showing them up by starting such a great cause! There is simply no place for bullying here, and you've stood up, well done!

    Kim, so happy you're getting into my blog, it's so cool to think that I'm talking to someone on the other side of the globe about this! Aussie music is going pretty strong here at the moment, getting picked up by mainstream stations too, which is nice :) I'm not much of an advice giver, but maybe check out triple j's hottest 100 songlist, that tends to be pretty full of great aussie talent! I've been finding myself getting into Temper Trap at the moment too, pretty sure they're on grooveshark,
    all the best lovely girls,
    <3 Lily

  4. Hey!

    Gosh, how I miss summer! I think this is the reason I like your outfits soooooo much! Cause they are ment to be summer outfits...

    Take care<3



  5. Fab idea on Triple j list, I will have a look at that today! :)

    The Temper Trap, Sweet Disposition is a cool song, thanks for that tip!

    I can tell I have been away from Perth too long... everyone looks so tanned! I have forgotten the last time I had some colour! :D :D