Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter !

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful time, wherever you spent it. Easter for me means dressing in pretty tea dresses and hunting for easter eggs in the garden. I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but here in Australia, looking for easter eggs usually stops for people at about age 7. But in our family, it's become something of a tradition, and now it wouldn't quite feel like Easter without it. This year, it seemed like everyone had brought their own bag of eggs to hide, which meant we had to get a bit more creative with hiding places than usual, because in all seriousness, we had about 400 eggs. :D After about three quarters of an hour spent peeking around garden ornaments, looking under river stones and even reaching into trees, we seemed to have found most of them. You always know that there are going to be some left behind which you'll find 6 months later, as perfect egg shaped empty foil cases.

Anyway, today I wore a tea dress from Miss Shop ( from Myer), a white half size cardi from Target with pretty peeptoes from Rubi Shoes. The photo will have to wait though, because after the storm, the insurance company is taking a rather long time replacing my lappie... I suppose it's not big on their list of priorities !

Til next time my gorgeous readers, hope you are having a wonderful spring/autumn, wherever you are in the world! <3

<3 Lily

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