Thursday, April 22, 2010

Loving it!

Hey gorgeous people, hope you're having a great week, your bellies are full of wonderful foods, and you're not stuck anywhere because of the volcano ( although that sounds like my dream come true, getting stuck in europe.. *sigh!)

So Uni has now become a child of mine, constantly needing attention and demanding all of my spare time. Waghhh ! but I just thought i'd do this quick post to let you all know I am in fact stll alive!

The move is coming along great, although I'm realising just how bout a fashion addiction I have - this is only about a 3rd of my tops.. oh dear! I'm organising to have a goodbye house party which I am so excited about!!! Today we get to walk through the house fully finished,so added together I can't tell you how much I am bursting with excitement !!!

As you can see, we're starting to get a few rain days now! totally loving all the girly clothes that are winter wear - berets, tights, etc.. I'm using all of them at the moment, those pics are soon to come..

Oh my god! seriously late for cllass now, better bbe ooff - sending you all my love

<3 Lily

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