Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blue days and Bluebell

Hey there beautiful readers, hope the sun is shining for you, wherever you are in the world. Super stressed because I have a big assessment due tomorrow, and I still have loads to do on it.. how is it already 10:30 at night?
but even better today I'm Super excited, because guess what? I'm now the proud owner of a bicycle! Bluebell to be exact. My fiance thinks it's a bit weird that I named her, but I loveee her. This is a big thing for me because I only learned to ride without training wheels in like, year 4.. and haven't stepped on a bike for more than a minute since I was in year 7.
I've posted a tiny picture of the bike off the net, but when my new lappie finally arrives I'll be back full swing into uploading like a crazy girl.. I'm thinking portrait shots with me and my Bluebell, preferably with a purpley fading background and the glamour -dream sequence misty style .. No I'm totally kidding, but as you can tell, I am quite astonishingly deep in love.

It has poured almost non stop the entire day - how badly did I jinx myself with that last post ! Ahh well, there is still many a hot chocolate and marshmallows stacked up in the cupboard waiting to be devoured, and plenty of milky tea.. and when I finalllyyy get into the new house, a nice gas heater to laze around in front of. I swear when this semester is over, I will become a hermit for a week and just enjoy doing absolutely nothing.. bliss.

Sending my love from across the globe,
<3 Lily

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  1. Post the Picture I took!
    With the alizure bottle, or whatever it was called!
    Thats a fun photooooo!