Thursday, April 22, 2010

My very first home upload!!!

Hey darling readers, hope your day was/is filled with happy moments, wherever you are in the world! Went out for tea tonight, so I thought I'd share this place with you guys from across the globe :) ! This is Fast Eddy's (which is really more like Slow Eddy's, I'm not kidding!) they have them nestled all around the city and they are a goldmine of cute little antiques and artifacts from time passed.. I love going there because it's one of those places that no matter how many times you've been, you always notice something you hadn't before.

Ta-Da! first outfit post from my new house!! So excited :D .Walking through it today, it already feels like a home, like it's ours.. I can't wait to move in properly, although funnily enough I'm loving all the space so much part of me just wants to keep it all empty for a while!

Seeing as we're so close to the move, I've started buying up herbs for my little herb garden we're putting in. Nothing too crazy flash, just some basil and some italian parsley, the lettuce will have to wait, they grow insanely too fast! I love the whole experience of growing your own veges - this time last year the love of my life was a cos lettuce which I named Caesar.. I really should stop naming everything..

Also, found this online.. LOVE!! It's from Forever New, I'm not sure if other countries have it, but it is the only store I've ever known where I can walk in and pick up 10 items I adore each and every time.. this outfit is no exception, I could buy every piece without ever thinking twice! Let me know what you think :)

Anyway my dears, I hope you all haven't been affected by the volcano mess, it's all over the news here! How is the weather where you are? I'd love to hear!
time to go, All my love
<3 Lily


  1. cute photo!
    love your blog, keep it up!
    thanks for sharing!
    and thanks so much for your sweet comments!


  2. i love it - the whole outfit is filled with my favourite colours and soft pastels.
    the weather here is wonderful, actually; australia is so distant from everyone else..