Thursday, May 13, 2010

Publicly wearing Pyjamas

Hey readers! How are things going for you all! Hope your are all enjoying great health, wherever you are in the world :)

Being that time of the uni semester and with all the mad running around trying to organize everything with moving ( living in two houses is surprisingly difficult), my little body has gotten run down as anything.. but in my naivity, I thought I could still manage everything. So here I am, stuck laying in bed with a ma-hassive migraine, with nothing I can do but try and sleep it off. Lesson learnt. It's not all bad though, luckily for me, my lecture was cancelled this morning, and the weather has been particularly gloomy, so the idea of spending the entire day snuggled up in a soft doona doesn't seem all that terrible!

Oh so you're probably wondering about the title! This evening between houses, still in my migraine fog of too many sedatives and painkillers, I walked straight into the shops donning my complete set of pyjamas, slippers and dressing gown included..and no1, not one person, not even the lady at the register, seemed to notice, or think this at all strange! It made me think - is this just something that is completely acceptable and I just haven't known about it? is this just something that as long as the sun is down, go for it? if so.. I can see a lot more pyjama adventures in my future, at 10:30 at night when I decide that yes, I do in fact need to have that block of chocolate right now :D So anyway, let me know if you've ever gone to the shops in your pj's, or if this is something that is actually perfectly normal and I'm just the strange one

Anyway, so we're in the fun fun stage of painting the house at the moment, which is hilarious because when you first get your house, it looks deliciously clean and tidy, so much so that you wonder if you should really fill it with all your junk.. and then the painting begins, and the dropsheets are laid out.. and any cleanliness the house once had is temporarily disintegrated. wicked. I'll post some photo's tomorrow to give you an idea of the disarray!

Kim- I was sooo happy to hear from you! Yes, I'm back! did you get to read my bringing back lily post? I missed you guys all far too much :)
and NY oh em gee! gee, life must have been tough to have to stay there a bit longer -my gosh it sounds like there's so many things to see you could have a year and not see it all! must be lovely to be home though too :)


  1. Moving house is always hetic! It took 2 years for ours to be decorated. Crazy times.
    I have been to the shop in my PJs. Not full pjs. Jeans over my bottoms and powerpuff girls vest top. At my local shop if you go just before 10 you usually see someone in PJs.

  2. Hi Lily!! :D

    So good to have you back and yes i did read your post about coming back! I am so glad you did!!

    PJs, oh yes, lots of times in Perth to the deli late at night, at least five times!! And in uggs too!! How bad is that lol Most times it was for a chocolate fix!! I would never do it here, we never drive to the shop here in the middle of London, just walk. In fact we dont even have a car! You just dont need one. Its great :D

    I have been so busy with work. Getting stuck in the US for an extra six days while fun put me so far behind with work. And its never the same when you are on your own! I am off back to the US this weekend so I have everything crossed that a three day trip will be just that!! :D

    I hope you are feeling much better and do you have any fun plans for the weekend Lily? Aside from my trip I have none... except a little sleep! :D

    I am so glad you are back... have I said that already!! :D