Thursday, May 27, 2010

What an unmiserable day !

The uni library - my current home at the moment - to answer your q Kim, I go to Curtin, it's grown a heap in the last 5 years, so probably looks very different than from what you might remember it as - I'll post more pretty photos of the gorgeous autumn trees for you soon.

Hey there darling readers, hope you're all feeling great, wherever you are in the world :D

So It rained pretty much all day today. Why is it that on days like today people always say things like " what a miserable day" ?

Maybe I'm completely strange ( okay, you guys already know this about me), but I love weather like this, perfect- snuggling-under-the-warm-blankets weather. Hot chocolate, slow cooked meals, laying on the couches with a doona watching complete dvd sets of tv series kind of weather. I used to loathe winter with a passion, but I'm discovering that there are a lot of things that I enjoy about winter that you can't have in summer in the same way.. hot cups of milky tea aren't the same when it's 40 degree days, nor are tights and berets and layering doesn't quite work the same..maybe we can be friends after all : D

Realised I would be freezing today, but I still haven't drycleaned my cream wool trench coat, so I had to walk round uni looking slightly homeless today (shame!) I'm hoping that because I've been there so much lately that I just sort of blended in, just became invisible, part of the scenery! The second photo is one I haven't posted from a few days ago, the first photo is what I actually wore today :)

anyway, my eyes are barely able to stay open at the moment, so I'm off to schleep, talk to you all again soon!

All my Love <3 Lily

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