Tuesday, May 11, 2010

interim post

Aagh! It feels like it's been forever since I last posted, so many things have happened!

Where to begin! the weather here is still insanely beautiful, despite the fact that it's now May and we are only weeks away from Winter. I think this is why it's so hard to study at the moment :D Perth seems to know when it's the weekend and brings out the sun especially. So lots of lazy days spent with my bestie Sam, laying on the patio with pillows under pretty parasols and eating cola mentos which I've brought back from Phuket.
Also- WE HAVE KEYS! So right now I am literally living out of a washing basket, learning to get mighty creative with looks lol. So much fun, it doesn't really seem like it's actually our house yet, just a cool place to hang out with friends with all it's emptiness. No more internet at the old house, so I'm finding it very hard to post too
What an amazing mother's day, bought a new dress from Cooper St which I am super excited to wear,quite classy though so I might just have to wait for a special occasion ( or make one!) before I can wear it. It's so annoying sometimes being largely busted when everywhere else is a 6, so I can't tell you how happy I was the moment I saw it on!

anyway, off to uni.. such is life :D
hope you're life is not as crazy as mine at the moment!! sending all my love gorgeous gorgeous people, hope you're loving life, wherever you are in the world
<3 Always Lily


  1. Hi ya!! :)

    I am so glad your back!! :D

    Have a read of my comment below on your last post from a few weeks back! :D

    I will post a little more too, have to run to work.

  2. Ahhhhhhhh
    I finally found you again

    im going to bali in like, a few hours.. haha

    Cya in two weeeeeks :)

  3. Hey Kim! Was super excited to see you'd found me again, seeing as I'd had to change the website a bit, i've missed you! I put a not in for you in my latest post :)

    Sambubbles! yay! How appropriate you find it now, I've just mentioned you! I hope you're having a great time in Bali, I'm already missing you a ridiculous amount and buying and buying sourlicious lollies in memory!
    all my love beautiful girls!
    <3 Lily