Friday, May 21, 2010

End of semester hibernation period

Hey darling people, hope you're all going well and not at all snowed under with work, wherever you are in the world ( Sorry Marta, I know you're in the same boat as me on that one - all the best honey!)

So it's getting to be that time of semester where all the students go into uber-study hibernation in order to catch up on all the studying that they really should have been doing a while ago. Cue - the University izone.. I don't know what it is about his place, the controlled temperature, the 7pm lighting settings, the awesomely techy computers they have here, or the super comfy lounges you can sit on with your laptop, but this place is study heaven for me. The first time I came here, I worked for 4 hours straight without even realising. For me - that was groundbreaking stuff. And true to it's name, every time I come here, I get in the zone.. last year I spent so much time here that I made a friend who actually believed that I didn't exist outside the library. Not even kidding... it was truly one of the most embarassing moments of my life when I bumped into him outside and called out - "hey --- look - I'm outside, I'm in the sunlight! " and everyone around us just stared at me like I was some strange agoraphobe. Please world - swallow me now.

See - who could resist bringing their lappies in to work on when there's this much comfyness to be had!

i'll outfit post when I get home : )
All the love in the world <3 Lily


  1. Wow that looks amazing. Nothing like that here =(

  2. How cool is that!! What uni is it Lily?

    How is the move going? Take some more house photos when you get a chance! :D

    We have summer at last.. 28c today!!! Shorts at last too, my legs are so so so white. BBQ tonight cant wait :D