Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cold Winter Nights Anyone? Yes please!

Just thought I'd share with you guys my new theatre! I can already see many a chilly winter night spent snuggling on the recliner stretched out under a fluffy doona and a hot chocolate in hand, listening to norah jones play softly, and many a girly night in spent laughing with friends over sex and the city and gossip girl. Winter - I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

So far behind with the blog posting at the moment, I've been letting myself go with being so sick, so sorry about the distinct lack of outfits! I'll have to do something about that this afternoon, because friends are coming round later, and at the moment they might mistake me for some crazy cat lady in her sleepy tee !
Thanks everyone for your comments, I always look forward to hearing from you guys, and hearing about what's happening in your part of the globe, and your opinions about stuff. Shen! 2 years that's incredible! I have no clue where I'll be in two years, can't even begin to think ! I bet it looks amazing now !
Kim my gorgeous friend, you've no idea how touched I am that you're excited to have me back!Sounds like you travel to the US a lot !

Well, I'm off to go pass out from the painkillers again.. I swear these babies are like horse tranquilisers they feel so strong !

All my love, hope you're enjoying yummy yummy food and wonderful weather, wherever you are in the world <3 Lily

Flower headband - Diva
Edwardian high collar cotton top, cream - Target
Soft Leather skirt - Dotti
Necklace with ribbon bow - Diva
Creme snakeskin Peeptoes - Rubi shoes

How funny - I took this photo in the disabled toilets in the engineering building at uni.. It made me laugh because the building is so old that they don't have any straight girls toilets, you have to use the disabled ones - I guess back when it was built they presumed that girls wouldn't study engineering !

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  1. firstly, i am so sorry i haven't been visiting your blog for such a long time! i am so unbelievably busy these days - my diploma and preparation for the entrance exams occupy me so much... i can't wait it's holidays...

    sofas seem to be so comfortable!
    you look so cute as well - especially the bow is fantastic!

    wishing you a pleasant and warm day!