Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving day

Hey beautiful readers, hope you're doing great, wherever you are in the world. Kim hope the volcano hasn't given you any more grief, if I remember right you were going back to the US soon? Marta! - I did get your msg, thanks sooooo much! It's just that time of year where everything is crazy, i soo get where you're coming from!

So I'm officially living in my new house now! Insane! The walls aren't all painted yet, but with uni the way it is, that'll have to wait :D Noone had told me how displaced I would feel when I finally did the big shift, it's such a bizarre feeling, I'm in this nice new bigger house, but it doesn't quite feel like mine, and my now empty old house doesn't feel like home either, so it's a big state of transition. I'd lived my whole life in my old suburb too, so to be away from it is feeling a bit intimidating to be honest. It's still quite exciting though, all these new places to explore, and all these nice new places to walk my wuppy !

Before this blog, I don't think I appreciated just how blessed we are in Perth with our weather. Maybe it's just been especially wonderful this year. Today we were blessed with yet another Perthect day - Yep I called it, let's hope it catches on. I just couldn't resist but share with you guys some scenes from around my uni. The winter sun was shining, and despite the fact that it's now 2 weeks til the end of semester, today, the weather just seemed to chill everyone out and it was so peaceful, everyone just relaxing, lying around on the grass.. <3. Even the air was filled with beauty, a man on his guitar swooning everyone into deep relaxation.

Anyway - outfit notes, and Huge thanks to me uni friend L for taking this:
White business top with princess sleeves from - Miss Shop: Myer
Navy Blue knit Vest - Valleygirl
Cornflower blue scarf- Basque: Myer
Grey and Blue tartan skirt- Miss Shop: Myer
White Patterned Tights - Forever New <3
Grey Patent Leather Flats - a steaallll ($15 AU) from Kmart
Cream Flower headband - Diva
Silver snakeskin texture tote - Target
White Cotton Trench coat - Target

Lots of love, keep those comments rolling, back soon
All my love <3 Lily


  1. Oh how I miss Myer Miss shop... sigh!! :) Very cute look Lily!! I love your tights and they great with that skirt. :D

    Yep back this time as promised on the right day and only 30 mins late from NYC I was the first on the flight and the first off, the pleasure of flying up the front of the plane for work! :D

    Its finally finally starting to warm up here. The last two weeks were horrid winter days again :( But it is supposed to be 20 all week so that is good news! :D

    I hope the move went/goes well and nothing gets broken and you find homes for everything. More photos of your new house please please!! :D

  2. good luck moving!
    you have a great blog, keep it up
    and thanks for the comments, they mean the world!