Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Australia Day

I love being an Australian.. I love walking down the white beaches watching the sunset over the water, with thongs and beer in hand, I love that we're such a young country with so many different people from all over the globe, just happily living by the "live and let live" philosophy. But more than all that, I love that when things take a turn for the worst, whatever it may be, there is always a place in our hearts for others, We saw it during the tsunami, where Australia alone - just normal people living in their normal little neighbourhoods, gave us much as they could to the people of Thailand and Sri Lanka and Indonesia to help them rebuild. Within 5 days of the Tsunami, the red cross had received $14 million dollars, and other organisations such as world vision saw donations of 6.3 million.

Recently we saw Queensland, our north-easternmost state devastated by flash flooding, the footage is ridiculous, look up
to give you an idea of how badly things turned so quickly..

So when the rest of Australia saw all this happening, our mateship culture rose again, and people from everywhere, are donating clothes, electricals, wood, food, money, everything that these communities need to rebuild. Defence force people are working around the clock, people from unaffected towns have jumped in to help anyway they can, people are banding together, helping each other through, offering support to those whose friends or families were washed away. People who have never even met before are crying on each others shoulders, sharing a beer together, commiserating.

That Right there, is what makes us Australian. And why I am proud, not only on Australia Day, but everyday, to call myself an aussie.

Hope you all had an amazing fantastic Australia day :)


  1. damn!
    i wish we got the flag in the shot hah..
    you can kinda see it..

  2. Fun photo! Happy Australia Day!! :)