Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happiness is... actually having time to post - Seattle Part I

Hey gorgeous readers! It's been a while I know, cheers for sticking with me :)

There are so many things that have happened and that I want to share with you! The trip to Seattle went amazingly, I had so much fun and had so many adventures, and did things I really didn't think I had it in me too, like conquered my fear of flying in smaller planes,

and I learnt to wake surf... I'm going to try and upload the video that Sam managed to get of me up on the board so you can all have a great laugh at me swishing around not having a clue to what I should be doing!)
This was probably the thing I am most proud of doing while I was away, because as Sam can tell you - I do NOT deal so well with being alone in the middle of big spaces of water... this may have something to do with watching Open Water, not too sure ;) ... anyway by the end of it, I had the American people who's wake boat it was rolling around on the deck in laughter at my expressions... the first time I lost my board I actually kept holding on to the rope just so I didn't get any further from the boat :P

Oh and Sam and I got to experience our first 4th of July ! yayy!!

It was incredible - I'm lucky enough that my parents own a house on Lake Sammamish, so we were able to see people all around the lake letting off their own fireworks, and later went out on the boat to watch from the middle of the lake - fantastic ! It was such a great night - the real highlight moment for me came later, about 2 am in the morning, we were swimming in a huge pool overlooking the lake, a whole group of us, drinking tequila straight from the bottle and all singing Oasis - Wonderwall... these are the moments I will look back on forever!

All my love, wherever you are in the world, <3 Lily


  1. P.S. this was written literally at 3.30 this morning, sorry if there are bits that don't make sense!

  2. :D
    Hi ya!!

    Welcome back, what adventures you have been having!! I am off to the US for a week so I will write some more when I am away. Your 4th July party sounds fantastic too!! :D

  3. Dammit Derek, way to never call.

  4. Kim! hey - did u get my hellloooo- I'm alive! on your blog post? :D

    hahaha Sam - jetski doughnuts of love out the front was all he could russle up the courage to do !

    ALl my Love