Sunday, April 22, 2012

NEWS - I am now (technically) a vlogger!

First of all - Beauty and the Beast is coming to Theaters 3D - don't think I can say how happy this makes me without giving away how much of a little girl I am on the inside . All I keep thinking about it is that ballroom scene.. cannot. wait. 

On another note -  I finally took the plunge and made a vlog!

I've called in Life on Planet Perth - I'm going to try and give a snapshot of Perthy kind of things, keeping it as real as possible, which means I'll be trying to get everything said in one take - bloopers and all.
So yeah, hopefully this works out and we all get to have a bit of a joke around with ! So go for it, comment away, ask me things, video response me, parody my Aussie-ness, have some fun :)

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