Thursday, March 29, 2012

March in Perth

Ahhh March, I love you.

The weather is not too hot that you feel yourself burn as you go to check the letterbox, but warm enough to go to beach, and warm enough that the concrete still feels warm under your bare feet at night. The leaves turn red and orange, but there are still frangipani blooms on the trees. The birds are migrating in V shaped flocks, and if you listen really carefully you can hear them faintly honk honking at each other.

March for me means Sculptures by the Sea, an annual Art exhibition held on Cottesloe Beach - Giant sculptures which turn the beach into something out of a children's imagination. Wanna see exactly what I'm talking about ? - there's a virtual tour!!
The Virtual tour has been shot in the afternoon, and I love how you can see all the families having picnics along the grassy area, and really get an idea of how the sculptures catch the light so perfectly at that time of day.

Beautiful breeze, Sculptures by the sea, Gelati in hand, surrounded by friends - and all at once I know that I will always, always call Perth home.

Also in March is the Mandurah crabfest - I can't tell you how much I LOVE this festival! So many amazing gourmet foods, ridiculously talented artists, - like this girl who I actually met and melted - Emma Blyth - I love ALL of her paintings!

show rides, fairy floss, fireworks, water ski displays, all by the water, it's what life is all about for me:)

My husband and I went to both the crabfest and sculptures by the sea when we had first started going out as teenagers - I still get those teenage *please don't ever let this feeling go* butterflies every year we go back.

Wishing you a fantastic autumn, wherever you are in the world,

Love Lily

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